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Your employees are your most valuable resource. They drive the company’s success. HRM Employee offers you a first-class tool supporting you in the management and development of your staff. It’s a flexible HR system that can be adapted to your company. The system is web-based, which means that you can access it wherever you are and from whichever device you want; computer, tablet and cell phone. Flex HRM Employee is a part of Flex HRM – our complete solution for personnel administration. Choose one part or many! Does it sound good to you? Contact us and we will tell you more.

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HRM Employee - supports the entire organization

HRM Employee is a perfect tool supporting the entire organization. The management group, the HR manager, the HR department, the department manager, the quality assurance manager and the staff members – whichever role you have HRM Employee facilitates your administration and your everyday work.

Flexible dashboard

A compilation of important key figures presented in a comprehensible and visual way. With bar charts, graphs, pie charts and gauges with green/yellow/red light, the dashboard provides a clear overview of the company – not only in terms of the current status but also retrospectively and in relation to the objectives set up. Supervisors and company management have constant access to updated information concerning the key figures you have chosen to focus on. Examples of data that can be taken out are number of employees, personnel turnover, employment forms, sick leave and reasons for termination. All this information is automatically retrieved from different parts of the system


When an employment starts or ends, there is a number of activities to be carried out. As several persons may be involved in these tasks, it can easily get messy unless you have a deliberate structure and a clear distribution of responsibilities. Flex has several functions for making this process easier and more efficient.

Digital agreements and digital signing

Get rid of paperwork and shorten lead times with a digital handling of documents and agreements! In Flex HRM you can easily take out confidentiality agreements, information for handling personal data, employment certificates, and other types of forms. Of course, all forms can be customized to suit your company. Then create PDFs and send them for digital signing via Verified or Scrive. A smart way to save both time and the environment, while ensuring that sensitive personal data is handled in accordance with the GDPR legislation.

Support for the wage revision

You can create pay pots, plan and distribute new wages, audit and approve, and finally implement the new wages. The system handles parallel processes, which means that several managers may work simultaneuosly with the wage revision. Moreover, the view is flexible and may easily be adapted to your needs. When the new wage is in place you can easily calculate the retroactive wage. HRM Employee supports you throughout the wage revision process!

Pay equity analysis in a secure and effective way

Digitalize and simplify your annual pay equity analysis. Using our tool, you and your colleagues will have a user-friendly and safe support for all stages of the process – from preparation and work evaluation to action plan and documentation.

Support for the Employment Protection Act (LAS)

Do you want to simplify the administration of employments and terminations according to LAS (the Swedish Employment Protection Act)? Flex HRM Employee offers you the tools for managing order of priority in connection with termination of employment in a safe and flexible way. Functions for the right to permanent employment and order of priority for re-employment will be launched in 2023.

Pulse surveys through Winningtemp – manage employee engagement

How are your employees really feeling about their job? And would they recommend your workplace to others? Taking control of employee well-being and engagement is more important than ever. Through a smart integration with Winningtemp’s pulse survey platform, the results of the surveys are visualized directly in the Flex HRM dashboard. Get a complete overview of engagement while monitoring sick leave, employee turnover, and other important HR metrics – you have everything you need in one single interface.

PA:s and development discussions

Gather all information concerning the employee at one place! HRM Employee manages PA and development discussions, minimizing the need for external document templates. The system allows for easy follow-ups.

Map courses and skills development

You can enter information concerning planned and finished courses on each employee. Once a course is finished, the competence is automatically updated in the employee register. You can also let the system mass course statuses and competencies for an entire group of employees at once. A real time-saver!

Keep track of your competencies

One of the key functions in Employee is that you can put together information concerning the employees’ competencies to keep track of who can do what. When you have a new project and you need someone who, for instance, masters a certain language and a certain application, you can search the competence register to find out who have the desired combination of competencies. You decide how you wish to build your competence tree and what is relevant for your company.

Map competence gaps

There are several diagrams that help visualizing an employee’s competence and competence gaps. Once a skills shortage is identified, you can establish goals for skills development for easy follow-ups.

Plan your skills development

After having identified which competence is missing, you can set up a plan for the skills development to make it easier to fill competence gaps and make follow-ups.

Adapt to your organization

HRM Employee is a flexible solution that allows you to create fields and tables according to your company’s needs. Build up the management of data concerning employees, employment, work experience, wages and benefits – just like you want it. It is just as flexible as it sounds!

Organization chart

Flex HRM provides a clear overview of your organization in terms of departments, managers and employees, etc. The organizational units displayed can be flexibly adapted to your company. The concern feature (additional module) allows you to take out data for the entire concern, without having to open the individual companies.

Display one company or the entire company group

If your organization is part of a company group there is a number of views that allow you to choose if you wish to see a specific company or the entire company group. Of course, access control is available.

History and current data

HRM Employee gives you an overall picture of all history concerning the employees. The selection options are nearly endless. It also gives you a clear overview of all employees, with sorting by e.g. position, department or employment form.

Let the employees update their details themselves

Facilitate the administration by giving employees access to data that they are allowed to maintain themselves, e.g. address and contact information. Of course, the kind of information that should be available for the employees may be regulated. The employees can easily access their data via computer, tablet and cell phone.

Manage documents for the employee

Employment contracts, CV:s, grades, certificates, finished courses, etc. HRM Employee manages all of them! You choose which document categories you need for structuring the information concerning the employees. Move documents with “drag and drop”. Smooth and easy when managing large document volumes.

Updated CV:s directly from the system

For companies offering services where the competencies and experience of the key persons are important, it is common to maintain a CV for each employee that can be presented to potential customers. Keeping CV:s up to date may be bothersome and time consuming. Flex HRM des the job for you!


In order to simplify daily life and make sure you don’t forget important things that you as a manager or staff member need to keep in mind, there are many different reminder features in Employee. You decide which reminders are important in your organization. The reminders may be displayed on your start page or be sent as an email message or note in your smartphone.

Do you need to integrate your system with ours?

Flex HRM can be connected to a number of pre-systems and post-systems, e.g. systems for payroll, accounting and invoicing. In addition to our tailored solutions, we have an open API which makes is it easy to integrate Flex HRM with practically any other system.

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