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A User-Friendly Staffing System

Tired of spreadsheet puzzles, scheduling conflicts, and understaffed shifts? Flex HRM Plan is the system that simplifies everyday life for your entire company. The recipe for success? A winning combination of innovative automation and built-in controls ensuring accuracy and compliance.

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Our solution

Tired of Scheduling Puzzles? Discover the Benefits of Flex HRM Plan!

Looking for a smarter way to handle the scheduling puzzle? Want to ensure you always have the right person in the right place? And gain satisfied and engaged employees as an added bonus? Forget spreadsheets and paper printouts – digitize scheduling with Flex HRM Plan.

Flex HRM Plan is part of Flex HRM – our all-in-one solution that helps you work seamlessly and smartly. Does this sound like something for you? Book a demo today!

A Selection of Our Customers



"Our motivation was to have accessible, high-quality payroll support that can also provide that extra touch for HR and managers without taking a long time or costing more."


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"The Flex consultants made me feel secure. Whenever I had a question, I received an immediate response. We've had an excellent dialogue."



"All the information we need about our employees is now in Flex HRM. We don't need to add anything else, and it's such a relief!"

Discover the possibilities with our staffing system Flex HRM Plan!

Staff according to your needs

Staff your team on projects, departments, or any other unit that fits your business. Choose whether shifts and available staff should be displayed per day, week, month, or according to your custom date range – we've made it as flexible as it should be.

Effortless scheduling

Innovative shortcuts minimize scheduling and staffing headaches. Use base schedules that you repeat over any number of weeks and drag and drop shifts quickly and smoothly where you want them.

Get rid of double work

The smart Staffing Plans view is available for those who prefer to create and staff their schedules in the same place. This view provides a perfect overview and allows you to conveniently make all changes for the entire team at once

Automatic staffing

Let the system do the heavy lifting for you – just set the criteria, and watch as it comes up with a proposal that you can use as is or tweak until it's just right!

Schedules in your pocket

No more paper copies or constant questions about who works when! In Flex HRM Plan, everyone can access their schedule online and on mobile.

Smart decision metrics

Flex HRM Plan offers several smart features for key figures and analysis. Everything you need to optimize staffing and make intelligent decisions – just a click away.

Request and swap shifts in an instant

Let your staff be heard! In a few clicks, employees can inform the manager of their preferred shifts or apply to swap shifts with colleagues.

The right skills in the right place

With smart views and features, it's super easy to determine the skills required for a specific assignment and let the system find the right employees.

What's the cost of staffing?

Avoid expensive surprises! You can easily calculate all personnel costs and compare them with your budget. Of course, additional costs for overtime and inconvenient working hours are also included


Sync Samlessly with All Your Favorite Systems

We offer both custom integrations and an open API that allows you to connect with virtually any system you want.


Flex Integration

You can easily integrate all systems with Flex in a secure and flexible way. There are two different paths to integrate with Flex: via Web API or through text file. We are happy to assist you with your integration questions regarding our systems.


Visma Lön

Time reports and expense reports can be exported to Visma Lön for payroll. Visma Lön has simplified the everyday life for thousands of payroll administrators.


Visma Lønn

Time reports and expense reports can be exported to the Norwegian payroll system Visma Lønn for payroll. Visma Lønn combines the best of traditional payroll functionality with the latest in online solutions and apps.

FAQ About Flex HRM Plan


Do you support daily and weekly rest periods?

Yes, the system has comprehensive support for managing daily and weekly rest periods according to the Working Hours Act as well as relevant discrepant agreements, with built-in controls and alerts.

Which industries does the system cater to?

Flex HRM Plan is a powerful and all-encompassing system suitable for a wide range of industries. One of its key features is the ability to flexibly plan your staff at the unit, group, or account level as needed. Sectors with such needs include healthcare, retail, logistics, and manufacturing.


Can employees accept shifts via mobile?

Absolutely! If a shift needs to be filled, managers can easily send a shift request to available staff, who can accept or decline directly within the app. Employees can also request or swap shifts with each other.

Can competencies and costs be considered in staffing?

Yes. You can specify the competencies required for different tasks and which employees possess them. The system then assists you in finding the right candidates or automatically generates staffing proposals. Similarly, you can track personnel costs while planning your staffing.

On what account codes can I plan staffing?

Flex HRM Plan's inherent flexibility makes it easy to manage staffing in a way that suits your business. You can staff at any account level or organizational unit. It's also possible to staff by for instance machinery or production department.

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