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Flex HRM Time

Seamless Time Reporting for the Entire Company

With Flex HRM Time, you work in a user-friendly and web-based system that has all the features you need for comprehensive time reporting. The best part? You can report your time exactly when you want, wherever you want, from any device you want.

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Our solution

Focus on the Right Things! Discover the Benefits of Flex HRM Time!

Do you, like us, believe that time reporting should be quick and seamless? Our time system, Flex HRM Time, automates your company’s time tracking so you and your team can focus on the right things. Always available via web and app, of course. Whenever, wherever.

Flex HRM Time is part of Flex HRM, the all-in-one solution for those who want to work seamlessly and smartly. Does this sound like something for you? Book a demo today!

A Selection of Our Customers


Aftén Bil

"The employees quickly got the hang of it after a few brief instructions. But we also received excellent assistance during the implementation phase from Flex's own consultants, which made a big difference!"


Oskarshamn Energi

"It's invaluable to us that the system handles on-call management so well; we no longer have to deal with any manual processing."



Amesto Accounthosuse

"Flex HRM is a well-known brand that many customers recognize, and it's at the forefront of digitalization. We also see significant advantages in being able to offer our customers a comprehensive solution."

Examples of how Flex HRM Time facilitates your time reporting:

Time reporting whenever, wherever

Easily register your hours via computer, tablet, mobile, or at a time terminal. Since Flex HRM is entirely web-based, you can also report your time wherever you are – smooth and flexible for those on the go.

Company-wide time reporting

Report with precise clock times, number of hours, or just discrepancies – regardless of the type of registration used, time reporting in Flex HRM is effortless. Of course, you can also mix multiple registration types if different employee groups have different needs.

Project reporting

Build your own structure for your projects, specify budgeted time and amounts. Then, track your statistics with informative and user-friendly tools.


Work towards clients or projects can quickly and smoothly be released for invoicing. You'll receive a complete and pre-calculated invoice that you can adjust if needed – then simply send it off to your accounting system.

Neat overviews

Day, week, or month views – choose how you want to display schedules, times, and balances. There's also a calendar that gives you a clear overview of your employees with many innovative selection options.

Leave requests

You can apply for leave from any device. The authorizing manager will then receive a notification to approve the absence, and the approved leave will automatically be added to the time report. Of course, you can also efficiently manage balances by determining the balances and limits you want to set.

Overtime monitoring

Flex HRM features a smart function that makes it really easy to keep track of the overtime worked per employee and thus avoid ordering too much overtime. You can also choose how the graph is presented and which selections you want – smooth, right?


You can easily see discrepancies and the status of every report that you are authorized to approve. And, of course, you can approve via the app! Push notifications remind you to approve and mark as done on time – yes, we love order and tidiness.

Reports and key figures

A user-friendly dashboard serving up-to-date key figures, a wide range of standard reports, and a report generator where you can build your own reports just the way you want them – Flex HRM offers all possibilities for transforming numbers and data into valuable insights.


Sync Seamlessly with All Your Favorite Systems!

We offer both customized integrations and an open API, allowing you to connect with virtually any system you choose.


Flex Integration

You can easily integrate all systems with Flex in a secure and flexible way. There are two different paths to integrate with Flex: via Web API or through text file. We are happy to assist you with your integration questions regarding our systems.


Visma Lön

Time reports and expense reports can be exported to Visma Lön for payroll. Visma Lön has simplified the everyday life for thousands of payroll administrators.


Visma Lønn

Time reports and expense reports can be exported to the Norwegian payroll system Visma Lønn for payroll. Visma Lønn combines the best of traditional payroll functionality with the latest in online solutions and apps.

FAQ About Flex HRM Time


Can time reporting be done in different ways?

Absolutely! In Flex HRM, you can have various time groups with predefined parameters for reporting time, such as reporting deviations, clocking in/out, or for projects


Do you support project reporting?

Yes! You can easily set up a project register in Flex HRM, tailor it to your company's specific needs, and then smoothly report and track your time.

Can another system serve as the project master while time reporting is done in Flex HRM?

Yes, you can let another system be master for the project register, which you can then integrate with Flex HRM Time for time reporting.

 Is it possible to request leave?

Yes, you can request leave directly through the mobile app, web interface, or time clock. You'll also have access to your balances, such as vacation days, flex time, or compensatory time.

Is there a mobile app?

Yes, the mobile app allows you to request vacation days, view your schedule, request shifts, and approve your time report.

Flex support

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Are you pondering something or have you encountered a challenge in our system? Our dedicated support team is always there for you!

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