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A Smarter Way to Manage Travel Invoices and Expenses

Say goodbye to receipt chaos and complicated forms! Flex HRM Travel is the travel expense system that automates and simplifies the entire process of managing travel and expenses. No more waiting around – get the work done instantly online or on your mobile device!

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Our solution

No More Expense Chaos! Discover the Benefits of Flex HRM Travel!

Snap photos of your receipts, manage your travel expenses, and keep track of trip logs and reimbursements. Flex HRM Travel is packed with smart features that save time for both employees and administrators. Less hassle and more control all the way to invoicing and paid wages, quite simply.

Flex HRM Travel is part of Flex HRM – the all-in-one solution for those who want to work seamlessly and smart. Sounds like something for you? Book a demo today!

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"The Flex consultants made me feel secure. Whenever I had a question, I received an immediate response. We've had an excellent dialogue."



"The exceptionally friendly service and Flex's commitment to continuous system improvement were key reasons why we chose Flex."

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Christian Berner

"I'm particularly impressed by the expertise of Flex HR consultants. Many have extensive backgrounds in payroll management from the client side, enabling them to ask insightful questions about our reality."

Some examples of how Flex HRM Travel simplifies the management of travel invoices and expenses:

Streamlined processes

Flex HRM Travel helps you work smartly through the entire workflow – from registration and approval to salary payment and invoicing. Say goodbye to complex calculations for domestic and international allowances, deductions, entertainment expenses, and everything else that needs to be accurate – the system takes care of it for you.

Photograph receipts instantly

Snap photos of your receipts with your mobile right after purchase and smoothly register your expenses. The system interprets dates, amounts, VAT, and more, ensuring all details are accurately and automatically placed in your expense report.


Comprehensive trip log

The trip log is sorted in a few clicks with full support for company cars, personal vehicles, and fuel benefit management. If you want to automate even more, you can record your car journey directly in the app – and the system keeps track of travel time, distance, and reimbursement amount.


Credit card purchases

All card expenses are effortlessly imported into the expense report with a quick click. If the card is also used for personal purchases, simply mark those – the system takes care of the rest!

One system for the whole nordics

Flex HRM handles allowance regulations for Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Finland – allowing the entire company group to use one unified system. You can also translate all system texts into English or any Nordic language you choose.

Reports and key figures

A user-friendly dashboard serves up-to-date key figures, a wide range of standard reports, and a report generator where you can build your own reports just how you want them. In Flex HRM, you have all the tools to turn numbers and data into valuable insights.


Sync Seamlessly With All Your Favorite Systems!

We offer both custom integrations and an open API that allows you to connect with virtually any system you want.


Flex Integration

You can easily integrate all systems with Flex in a secure and flexible way. There are two different paths to integrate with Flex: via Web API or through text file. We are happy to assist you with your integration questions regarding our systems.


Visma Lön

Time reports and expense reports can be exported to Visma Lön for payroll. Visma Lön has simplified the everyday life for thousands of payroll administrators.


Visma Lønn

Time reports and expense reports can be exported to the Norwegian payroll system Visma Lønn for payroll. Visma Lønn combines the best of traditional payroll functionality with the latest in online solutions and apps.

FAQ About Flex HRM Travel


Is there support for credit cards?

Absolutely! HRM Travel supports cards from Danske Bank, Eurocard, SEB, First Card, Citibank, and Handelsbanken.

Does the system support Swedish and foreign subsistence allowances? Tax-free and taxable allowances?

Yes, indeed. The system offers comprehensive allowance management, automatically calculating all amounts based on the dates and times of your travels that you've registered.

Is there support for photographing and interpreting receipts?

Yes, of course! Here's how cleverly it works: After incurring an expense, snap a photo of the receipt with your mobile phone. The date, amount, VAT, and all other details are then scanned using OCR technology, ensuring all information is automatically and accurately placed in your expense report.

Can certain individuals be restricted to view only specific expense codes?

Absolutely! Like other features in Flex HRM Travel, there's a robust permission system in place, making it easy to control who can view and register what.

Does the system support wellness allowances and their maximum limits?

Yes. Whether working on a desktop or using the app, you can instantly see in your expense report how much of your wellness allowance you've utilized and the maximum limit.

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