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An HRM System Revolutionizing Your Workday

We provide an innovative solution with a seamless workflow for those who want to focus their time on the right things. Say goodbye to spreadsheet headaches, missed deadlines, scattered data, and double work – it's all about order and efficiency.

In Flex HRM, you have everything you need to work smoothly and securely, including staffing, time reporting, project tracking, expense management, HR support, and payroll.

The best part? We've designed Flex HRM as distinct modules. Choose one or more and scale up or down as your business evolves

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Personnel Management as It Should Be

Time reports, travel expenses, staffing planning, HR, and payroll. Flex HRM is the system that automates your HR management and gathers all tools in one system. Minimum hassle, maximum control. HR management as it should be, quite simply.


Smart scheduling and staffing

Solve the scheduling puzzle, optimize staffing, and communicate smoothly with Flex HRM Plan.

  • The system is packed with smart shortcuts that speed up the process. Some examples: use basic schedules that you repeat for any number of weeks and drag and drop your shifts where you want them.
  • Staff your personnel on projects, departments, or any other unit that suits your business. Choose whether you want to view your schedules per day, week, month, or according to your own date selection – we've made it exactly as flexible as it should be.
  • Get rid of paper copies and constant questions about who is working when by letting employees access their schedules on the web and in the app – whenever, wherever.

Time and project reporting for all needs

Don't let any hours go to waste! Flex HRM Time is designed to make reporting and tracking your time as smooth as possible.

  • Report time whenever, wherever – on the web, in the app, or at a terminal.
  • Report with exact times, number of hours, or just discrepancies – Flex HRM Time caters to all needs.
  • Keep track of time spent on projects (or any other unit that suits you) and easily follow up on your key metrics.

Seamless travel and expense management

Keep your receipts, expenses, domestic and international trips – and much more – organized. Flex HRM Travel is packed with smart features designed to automate tasks and save time.

  • Avoid complicated calculations of allowances, deductions, entertainment, and everything else that must be correct – the system takes care of it for you.
  • Take a photo of your receipts with your phone right after purchase and have your expense report ready in no time. The system interprets dates, amounts, VAT, and more and ensures that all details end up in the right place in the expense report. Easy peasy!
  • The trip log can be fixed with a few button clicks, and full support is provided for company cars, private cars, and fuel benefits.

Stramlined payroll management

Save time and feel confident that everything is done correctly. Flex HRM Payroll automates the entire payroll process from start to finish.

  • Gather all necessary data without manual input. Run payroll and let employees access their pay slips on their computers or in the app. If you use Kivra, your payslips will be deposited there.
  • When monthly salaries are ready, you can easily extract monthly reports and handle AGI reporting in just a few clicks.
  • Avoid the hassle of calculating vacation days and keeping track of vacation debts – the system takes care of it for you. Always tailored to your agreements and exceptions, of course.

Manage the employee journey like a pro

Gather all data in one place and save time with the fully equipped toolbox in Flex HRM Employee.

  • Work smart and digitally with everything from master data, contracts, and documents to onboarding/offboarding and staff appraisals.
  • Monitor sick leave, turnover, departure reasons, and more. Our flexible dashboard makes working with HR metrics a breeze.
  • Forget cumbersome spreadsheets during salary reviews and pay equity analyses – Flex HRM Employee streamlines both processes from start to finish.

Different Roles - Different Needs

A Personnel System for Everyone

Do you believe that HR and payroll shine brightest when the entire company can work together – in one unified system? We certainly do! That's why we've crafted Flex HRM to work seamlessly for everyone, whether you're a manager, payroll administrator, or team member. Our clever permission system ensures users access precisely what they need – no more, no less.

You as a Manager

Flex HRM empowers you to:

  • Approve timesheets and travel expenses for your team
  • Manage planned leave and absences
  • Stay on top of sick leave, turnover rates, and other crucial metrics
  • Conduct staff appraisals and salary discussions
  • Schedule shifts and plan staffing
    ... and much more

You as a Payroll Administrator

Flex HRM supports you to:

  • Automate tasks related to payroll runs and vacation management
  • Track VAB (care of sick child), sick days, parental leave, and other deviations
  • Streamline reporting to The Swedish Tax Agency and the Swedish Pensions Agency with just a few clicks
    ... and much more

You as an Employee

Flex HRM supports you to:

  • Log hours, absences, travel, and expenses
  • Request vacation and check your balances
  • Manage your schedule and swap or request shifts
  • Update contact information and personal details
  • Engage in staff appraisals and skill development
  • View your pay slips online and on mobile
  • ... and much more


Sync Seamlessly with All Your Favorite Systems!

Are you tired of entering the same data over and over again? With Flex HRM, you can wave goodbye to that hassle and say hello to saving time and minimizing errors. Our system effortlessly syncs with all your preferred platforms, offering both customized integrations and an open API for seamless connectivity with virtually any system you fancy. Endless possibilities to work smart, quite simply!


Flex Integration

You can easily integrate all systems with Flex in a secure and flexible way. There are two different paths to integrate with Flex: via Web API or through text file. We are happy to assist you with your integration questions regarding our systems.


Visma Lön

Time reports and expense reports can be exported to Visma Lön for payroll. Visma Lön has simplified the everyday life for thousands of payroll administrators.


Visma Lønn

Time reports and expense reports can be exported to the Norwegian payroll system Visma Lønn for payroll. Visma Lønn combines the best of traditional payroll functionality with the latest in online solutions and apps.

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