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A HR-system for the Entire Employee Journey

No more paper chaos, searching through folders, and tasks slipping through the cracks. Flex HRM Employee is the system that helps managers and HR professionals organize and collaborate smartly. Everything you need to manage the employee journey like a pro – all the way from onboarding to offboarding.

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Our solution

Ready For a New Level of HR Smartness? Discover the Benefits of Flex HRM Employee!

In Flex HRM Employee, all employee information is neatly gathered in a digital hub. Add a bunch of innovative features and time-saving shortcuts, and we're talking about a whole new level of HR smartness!

Flex HRM Employee is part of Flex HRM – our seamless all-in-one solution. Does this sound like something for you? Book a demo today!

A Selection of Our Customers



"All the information we need about our employees is now in Flex HRM. We don't need to add anything else, and it's such a relief!"


Oskarshamn Energi

"It's invaluable to us that the system handles on-call management so well; we no longer have to deal with any manual processing."


stockholms hamnar

Stockholms Hamnar

"We chose Flex HRM for its user-friendly interface and simplicity from a user perspective! It's easy to grasp what needs to be done, and you can do a lot through the app."

Our HR system Flex HRM Employee helps you with:

Seamless wage revision

Create pay pots, plan and distribute new salaries, approve, and execute. Flex HRM Employee facilitates the entire wage review process with an intuitive flow and smooth collaboration between managers and the HR department.

On- and offboarding

Say goodbye to last-minute panic, cumbersome spreadsheets, and things slipping through the cracks when someone starts or leaves. With digital checklists and automatic reminders, it's easy to establish a watertight on- and offboarding process.

Pay equity analysis

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the complexity of pay equity analysis? With Flex HRM Employee, you can streamline the process and work with ease – from preparation and job evaluation to action plans and documentation.

HR dashboard

 Monitor and analyze employee turnover, sick leave, reasons for departure, number of full-time positions, etc. The dashboard is the digital instrument panel that delivers up-to-date HR key figures in an easy-to-understand and visual way – accessible on both web and mobile devices.

Digital signing

In just a few clicks, you can generate employment and confidentiality agreements, forms, and other essential documents using templates tailored to your needs. Then, digitally sign them via Verified or Scrive – as smooth as it is secure.

Staff appraisals

In Flex HRM Employee, you fill in your notes directly in the interface and can share the document with the counterpart with a single click. With innovative overviews, managers always have full control over what tasks are complete and what remains.

Mastering competencies with ease

Update employee competency profiles, conduct competency inventories, and create a competency matrix that gives you a perfect overview of your strengths and weaknesses. With Flex HRM Employee, securing the right competencies for today and tomorrow is as easy as it gets.


Course management on autopilot

Track all course information and sessions in one consolidated view, and let the employee's competency profile be automatically updated after an approved course. Using automatic reminders, the system also alerts when competencies or certificates are about to expire.

Making LAS compliance easy

Want to simplify the administration of employment and termination according to LAS (the Employment Protection Act)? With Flex HRM Employee, you can safely and smoothly manage the order of termination, the right to permanent employment, and the priority right to re-employment.


Sync Seamlessly with All Your Favorite Systems

We offer both custom integrations and an open API that allows you to connect with virtually any system you want.


Flex Integration

You can easily integrate all systems with Flex in a secure and flexible way. There are two different paths to integrate with Flex: via Web API or through text file. We are happy to assist you with your integration questions regarding our systems.


Visma Lön

Time reports and expense reports can be exported to Visma Lön for payroll. Visma Lön has simplified the everyday life for thousands of payroll administrators.


Visma Lønn

Time reports and expense reports can be exported to the Norwegian payroll system Visma Lønn for payroll. Visma Lønn combines the best of traditional payroll functionality with the latest in online solutions and apps.

FAQ about Flex HRM Employee


Does the system support on- & offboarding?

Yes, you can manage the entire process in a flow customized to your business needs, with checklists and automatic reminders sent to managers, IT, the HR department, and other relevant parties.

Is there support for sending employment contracts for digital signing?

Yes, in Flex HRM Employee, you can easily create all types of contracts, forms, and other documents using templates tailored to your company. Both parties can then digitally sign them via Verified or Scrive.

Can you manage HR master data and integrate it with our other systems?

Yes, in Flex HRM Employee, you can administer all employee information and ensure seamless synchronization with your other systems through our open API or a ready-made integration, eliminating the need to input data in multiple places. 

Does the system support wage revision and pay equity analysis?

 Yes! In Flex HRM Employee, you can handle the entire wage revision process in an intuitive interface where multiple managers can work simultaneously. There's also a tool that streamlines the pay equity analysis – from job evaluation to action plan.

Does the system support competency and course management?

Yes, of course! Flex HRM Employee offers comprehensive support for managing competencies and courses, including individual competency profiles, competency mapping, tracking of expiring competencies, and a smart overview for course administrators to monitor current courses. Once a course is completed, the system can also automatically update employee competencies.

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