We are experts on HRM systems

We offer you a web-based overall solution for payroll, HR support, time reporting, travel expense claims and staffing. Flex HRM – discover how easy everything could be!

Flex HRM! You are going to love it.

We have a solution for your entire work flow! Our systems for payroll, HR administration, staffing, time reporting and travel expense claims are well-known for being powerful and user friendly tools in many different businesses.

In Flex HRM we have put these systems together into an integrated and complete personnel system. Having everything in one single system gives a better overview, less maintenance and thereby lower costs.

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Flex Applications was founded in 1990. We are known for developing competent and user-friendly systems for personnel administration. One of the main keys behind this is the fact that we are receptive to our customers´ requests and views.
– Miran, CEO and founder of Flex Applications

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A smarter HR administration

Welcome to start your day with us!

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