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On & Offboarding in Flex HRM - Work Smarter with the Employee Journey! (On-demand)

Preboarding, onboarding, crossboarding, reboarding, and offboarding... indeed, there are many different phases in the employment cycle. In this webinar, Evelina & Joakim from Flex Applications provide tips on how to enhance your processes and maximize the chances for new and existing employees to thrive in their workplace.

Smoother Pay Equity Analysis with Flex Applications (On-demand)

Do you have any questions about the pay equity analysis that need clarification? Or do you just want to get a better understanding of the topic? In this webinar, Evelina Andersson will go through what a pay equity analysis is and how you best organize the work in your organization. Evelina, together with the product manager for HRM Employee, Linda Tesell, will also explain how pay equity analysis works in Flex HRM.

The Power of Outsourcing: More Profitable Processes – Higher Security (On-demand)

Evelina Andersson & Sonny Dahlberg from Flex Applications host a free webinar for those of you who want to learn more about the benefits of payroll outsourcing. For example, how can you use the skills of your staff to create new roles and opportunities – and grow into a stronger company?

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