Embrace Time Reporting: Here's Why!

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Alright, we get it. Filling out your timesheet hardly qualifies as one of your favorite tasks at work. But the fact is, time reporting comes with a slew of benefits – for employees, for the payroll department, and for the business as a whole. We've compiled five clear advantages of digital time reporting. Let's dive in!

Top Five Benefits of Digital Time Reporting

  1. Transparent and Clear

    One of the most apparent benefits is the clarity it provides regarding when employees have worked and when they've been absent. In workplaces with no or entirely manual time reporting, there's a risk of distrust among colleagues regarding late arrivals, early departures, or extended lunch breaks. With digital time reporting, employees can trust that times and deviations are recorded consistently for everyone; a late arrival deducts from the flex balance and can be compensated for on another day, for instance. 

    An added bonus is that you, as an employee, can quickly and conveniently check your remaining vacation days and flex hours directly on your computer or mobile device – no need to ask the boss or HR about it.

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    2. Faster and Safer Invoicing

    Time is money – especially if you work for a company where you bill your clients for the exact hours you work. By maintaining continuous time reporting, you ensure that no billable hours go to waste. It also becomes more accessible to present reliable reports on the hours spent for clients who request them. And if the time system is synchronized with the company's financial system, well then, the invoice is sorted in just a few clicks!

    3. Never Forget How Your Day Was Spent

    We get it; no one loves time reporting. Especially if it involves logging into the computer at the end of the workday, finding the right spreadsheet, and manually entering all the details. But with digital and user-friendly tools, many frustrations over time reporting can be avoided. You can easily clock in and out, switch projects, or log your flex hours anywhere, with just a few clicks on your computer or in a mobile app. 

    And why is this so important? Well, it means you're more likely to do your time report regularly every day – because you have your times fresh in memory. Because, let's be honest, how easy isn’t it to forget about that dentist appointment you flexed out for three weeks ago? Or exactly how many hours you spent on that client presentation the other day?

    4. Smooth Follow-up – Benefiting Both the Business and Employees

    Where do the hours really go? Through effective time reporting, the company gains tools for overview and follow-up on worked hours and costs. And what's the deal with that? Well, it primarily means that:

    - You can ensure that your budget and time estimates hold up.

    - You can verify that time is spent on the right things. Is the time spent and profitability in proportion to each other? Are you prioritizing the right clients and assignments?

    - You gain insight into unnecessary time thieves and how the business can be streamlined.

    - You facilitate the allocation of resources and can identify indications that a colleague or group of employees is overloaded – a simple way to prevent stress and sickness.

    5. All Set for the 25th

    Worked hours, vacation, caring for a sick child, overtime, standby duty, comp time, sick leave... A lot of information needs to be collected and summarized every month to ensure the accuracy of the paycheck. Not only are manual inputs, calculations, and checks a real time-consuming (and tedious) job, but they also increase the risk of errors. 

    But! Fortunately, there's a more innovative solution to all this. With a digital platform where time reporting and payroll management work together seamlessly, all the cumbersome manual work is a thing of the past. All the data for the month is transferred to payroll with just a few clicks, the information is summarized, and the correct compensations are calculated. All set for the 25th!

Simplify Time Reporting with Flex HRM Time

Is it time to bid farewell to those old spreadsheets? Or to upgrade to a sharper time system? Contact us, and we'll tell you more about how you and your colleagues can have a more efficient, profitable, and enjoyable everyday work life with our web-based time system Flex HRM Time.

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