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Eager for a varied and stimulating job with fantastic colleagues? Then you've come to the right place! We're a bunch of developers, support specialists, payroll enthusiasts, HR professionals, and IT heroes all working tirelessly towards the same goal: simplifying the workday through innovative technology. Check out our available positions or send us a general application!

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What We Offer

Creating a pleasant work environment and a healthy balance between work and leisure is one of our priorities at Flex. We believe this: feeling good and supported and having opportunities for growth at work are the keys to success – for you, the company, and our customers. Here's how we do it:


Not surprisingly, we love flextime here at Flex. Being able to start a bit later or leave a bit earlier is invaluable (because even though work is fun, you do have a life outside of it).

(Generous) Wellness benefit

Gym, yoga, or a fitness app? With a wellness benefit of 5,000 SEK, you can go all-in on the fitness activity you love.

Hybrid work

At Flex, you're free to work one or a couple of days from home (if it suits you) and the rest of the week at one of our super stylish offices.

Career development opportunities

Knowledge is power! At Flex, we're passionate about continuous learning and offer courses and new career paths that help you (and the company) grow.

Discounts and perks

Hotels, eyewear, or movie tickets at a discounted price – through the wellness portal Benify, there are a bunch of advantageous discounts available for you as a Flex employee.

Fun events

Here at Flex, we're incredibly proud of our awesome community. Picture this: coffee breaks, with all that extra, epic Christmas parties, conferences, and even the occasional after-work beer. It's all part of the fun when you're with us!

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Are you an awesome support specialist, developer, payroll pro, or HR consultant? Or do you have other skills that would be a perfect fit here at Flex? Submit your application and spill the beans on why we're a perfect match. We look forward to hearing from you!

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