Which Job Benefits Are Most Attractive Today?

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In a job market with intense competition for new talent, today's companies need to stand out significantly to attract job seekers. Employee benefits are one way to attract new talent, but which ones are actually the most sought-after? And, equally important, what are the strategies for retaining your newly acquired talent? We take a closer look at the benefits that top the list and provide tips on how the company can ensure satisfied employees – who will stay with the company. In a survey conducted by Kantar Sifo on behalf of Randstad (2021), where employees were asked to list the most attractive employee benefits, flexible working hours, and additional vacation days topped the list. In other words, the most appealing benefits are time-related. This may not come as a surprise – the question of what is important in life and how to prioritize time became even more critical during the pandemic. Being able to offer choices and freedom when it comes to working hours sends a clear signal that the company values the well-being of its employees. How can your company meet the increasing demand for flexible working hours and additional vacation days?

Remote Working – a Dealbreaker Among Job Benefits

Remote work was also a benefit that ranked high on the list of employee benefits in Kantar Sifo's survey - not particularly surprising. During the pandemic, the number of people working from home increased significantly, and many were pleased with the perks of working from home. In fact, the ability to work from home one or several days a week makes you more attractive as an employer - according to Kantar Sifo, one in four job seekers would even decline a job if denied this opportunity. In other words, companies and organizations that haven’t already done so have every reason to review their remote working routines, in order to stay attractive as employers.

How to Keep Your Valuable New Recruitments – Three Solid Tips

Offering favorable benefits is an important step to attract new employees, but how do you make sure that valuable employees thrive in the company and want to stay? Here are three important factors to consider.

  1. Communicate Your Why Employees today expect more than just good terms of employment. To make sure that your company stands out as an attractive employer, you need to communicate to the employees why you do what you do – what is the higher purpose? Why should your employees continue choosing you as their employer?
  2. Inform About Development Opportunities Employees that are aware of how they can develop their skills and grow within the company are without a doubt the ones that will stay the longest. Informing new employees about different opportunities, and the potential you see in them, is key.
  3. Show Appreciation! Encouraging words and positive feedback make all the difference for your employees. Be specific – feedback that is too general may be perceived as vague and can make it difficult for the employee to understand exactly what was good.

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