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We Are Launching a New Integration for Controlling Driver Qualifications

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A simpler workday for all employers within commercial traffic – with the new integration between Flex Applications and Behörighetskontroll Yrkestrafik BKY, you keep track of the driver qualifications directly in your personnel system. How do you know that your drivers’ B- and C driver’s licenses, Certificate of Professional Competence (YKB), ADR, and tachograph cards are valid? How do you control their validity, and how often? All commercial traffic employers must ensure that their drivers have the correct driver qualifications. Behörighetskontroll Yrkestrafik BKY is a digital tool for companies to meet the qualification requirements according to legislation within commercial transport. The system is based on daily controls of driver qualifications and motor carrier permits and has been developed by the Swedish Taxi Association and the Swedish Transport Agency in cooperation with the Swedish Bus and Coach Federation and The Swedish Association of Road Transport Companies. Read more about BKY here. (in Swedish) Göran Säfström, Product and Customer Manager for BKY, is looking forward to collaborating with Flex Applications. – We are very pleased with having Flex Applications as a system supplier to BKY. They offer excellent and straightforward solutions for companies in the transport industry, and with this integration, their customers will have access to an additional user-friendly function. Being connected to BKY will strengthen your company’s brand and show that you meet legal requirements. With the new integration to BKY, users of the web-based personnel system Flex HRM can manage the controls through an automated flow directly to BKY. The purpose is to secure that no employee is driving a vehicle without valid driver qualifications or competency. In Flex HRM, the register of drivers, including their qualifications, functions as support when questions are sent daily through BKY to the Swedish Road Administration at the Swedish Transport Agency. Any deviations will be reported automatically, and you, as an employer, can directly block the driver from getting new driving assignments. Linda Tesell, Product Manager at Flex Applications, also welcomes the new collaboration: – At Flex Applications, we constantly strive to integrate the latest technology into our product portfolio to facilitate the workday for our users. Manually checking all driver qualifications can quickly become highly time-consuming. So, we are delighted to be able to offer an integrated tool in Flex HRM that will manage most of this work for our customers. About Flex HRM Flex HRM is one of the few solutions on the market that will gather the company’s entire personnel administration in one place. Staffing, time reporting, travel expense claims, HR support, and payroll in one overall seamless solution. Several systems in one for a more effective workday, plain and simple. Read more about Flex HRM here.

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