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The Monthly Reporting to Fora is Approaching – Are You Prepared?

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Please be aware that this article primarily pertains to Swedish rules and regulations, which may not necessarily apply or be valid in jurisdictions outside of Sweden.

It's almost time. From February 2024, reporting procedures will change for all employers handling pension premiums through Fora. Uncertain about what needs to be done and when? Here's what you need to know.

The transition from annual to monthly reporting will take place gradually. The initial phase includes occupational pensions and insurance for workers (employees with SAF-LO collective pension insurance). This transition kicks off during the first quarter of 2024. In a subsequent phase, it will also encompass salaried employees. These changes aim to ensure that workers can have their pension premiums transferred every month, similar to what salaried employees receive today. This streamlines cost tracking for employers while providing employees with more opportunities for returns throughout the year. The idea is to establish more consistent work processes for employers when reporting to Fora monthly, aligning with reporting practices for entities such as Skatteverket and Collectum.

New Marking Requirements

As an employer, you must now mark employees classified as workers with a specific marking code (or FOK code, as it's also known), linking them to the correct collective agreement. Only after this marking is done can salaries be reported. Learn more about the marking process at Fora.

Critical Deadlines to Keep in Mind

  • January 31, 2024: Deadline for reporting salaries paid in 2023 (last annual reporting).

  • February 2024: Fora opens its e-services for marking and monthly reporting. An email will be sent to the company's main administrator.

  • The period for reporting salaries paid in January, February, and March is extended until May 31, 2024. After this transition period, salaries should be reported on the last day of the month following their payment.

How to Prepare – Quick Checklist

  • Ensure the company has registered a main administrator with Fora. The main administrator can, in turn, add more administrators.

  • Verify that the categorization of employees as workers, salaried employees, and entrepreneurs is accurate. Reporting employees in the wrong category will impact their occupational pension and insurance coverage.

  • Are you ready to mark workers? Find out how support is integrated into your payroll system and follow instructions from your provider.

  • Adapt your existing payroll process and evaluate how to seamlessly incorporate the new Fora reporting into the company's monthly routine.

Information and Webinars for You Who Want to Deep Dive

On Fora's website, you'll find additional information, videos, and FAQs for employers. We also recommend attending Fora's free webinars (in Swedish), where they provide more insights into the transition. Read more and register here.

Srf Lönsam, the collaborative group for Swedish payroll system providers, including Flex Applications, has also compiled a joint FAQ about monthly reporting. Access Srf Lönsam's FAQ here.

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