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Nasjonalmuseet in Norway chooses Flex HRM

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In June 2022, The National Museum (Nasjonalmuseet) opened in Oslo – thereby becoming the largest art museum in the Nordics. Before investing in a new HRM system, a thorough market inventory was made. The final decision was to go with the web-based overall solution Flex HRM. The National Museum needed a solution for time reporting and staffing, and although the competition between different suppliers was tough, Flex HRM acquired first place. Ole Henrik Brinchmann and his colleagues at the National Museum made the following assessment of Flex Applications’ offer and presentation: – After reviewing the details of the solution and seeing a demo of the system, it became clear that Flex Applications offered the best fit for the museum’s needs. In addition, Flex Applications received top marks in additional qualitative evaluation criteria among the competing offers, with a well-thought-out plan for implementation and ongoing support.

Overall, Flex Applications Made the Best Offer

Ole Henrik Brinchmann: – The price criteria were based on an assessment total with start-up costs and license costs over five years, and Flex Applications presented a competitive price. Altogether, Flex Applications made the best offer and is thereby the winner. – A separate evaluation of different HR systems was also performed, and Flex Applications came out on top of the competition in this area as well. After reviewing the details of the solution, the implementation plan, and the support solution, it was clear that Flex Applications demonstrated the highest level of quality by established criteria. We thank the National Museum for the confidence and look forward to a pleasant collaboration.

About the National Museum

In 2003, the National Gallery, the Norwegian Museum of Decorative Arts and Design, the Museum of Architecture, and the Museum of Contemporary Art merged into today’s National Museum. In the summer of 2022, the museum opened its new venue in Oslo. With a surface area of 54 000 m² and approximately 6500 works for exhibition, it is the largest art museum in the Nordics. The museum displays several exhibitions with presentations of Norwegian and foreign art, architecture, and design.

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