Flex Applications Launches New Website and Graphic Profile

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New colors, a new logo, and a new visual language. Flex Applications is now updating its graphic profile to clarify its identity as a modern and innovative tech company. A brand-new website is also making its debut.

Flex Applications is a Swedish tech company that has been assisting employers and employees in smooth and smart HR, workforce management, and payroll for over thirty years. Now, they are launching a new graphic profile to clearly communicate where the company stands today. Everything from the logo to colors, visual language, and fonts is being renewed to reflect Flex Applications' identity as an innovative tech company. The new design has been developed in collaboration with the communications agency Think Happy Thoughts. 

Lotta Erdtman, CMO at Flex Applications:
– After long and hard work, we have reached a final result that we feel incredibly satisfied and proud of. Flex Applications is a forward-thinking company with a clear commitment to thinking innovatively and boldly when it comes to our product portfolio. Now, we have ensured that this is also reflected in our visual identity.

Blue and Pink Color Palette

Concepts like "modern" and "premium" have been crucial keywords in the work on the new logo. This is signaled through both color choices and typography, where the initial F gives the wordmark its own personality.

The color palette has also been completely replaced with muted blue and warm pink as the primary brand colors. The image style is characterized by subdued and harmonious colors, themes from the Nordic nature, and a broad representation of people in terms of profession, age, and ethnicity. Rounded corners are used in both images and graphic elements. The new graphic concept, "built by cells," draws inspiration from Flex Applications' system logic and user interface.

Website Rebuilt From Scratch

The new graphic profile is now gradually being rolled out across all Flex Applications channels. In conjunction with this, Flex is also launching a new website that features the new design and has been rebuilt from the ground up in terms of menus and functionality. The goal has been to provide a more straightforward packaging of the company's offerings and a more user-friendly experience for the visitor. The work on the new website has been carried out in close collaboration with the digital agency Invise.

You can find Flex Applications' new website with the new graphic profile here.

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