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Flex Applications Launches New Tool for Safe and Efficient Management of Sick Leave

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A safer and smoother process when an employee falls ill. Flex Applications now launches a digital solution that automates the employer’s work and simplifies compliance with Norwegian legal requirements. The new support for the follow-up of sick leave is a part of the web-based personnel system Flem HRM. It is targeted towards Norwegian companies and Nordic corporations with operations in Norway, where it is strictly regulated by legislation how and when sick leave among employees should be followed up. Veronica Tjomsland, CEO of Flex Applications International: – With the new module for sick leave follow-up, the purpose has been to provide managers and HR professionals with a structured and secure way of working with sick leave. You have all the information you need in one place and avoid working in multiple systems or with manual tracking. Everything is handled automatically and entirely digitally.

Safe Guidance Through All Steps

When an employee falls ill, it can be demanding to keep track of all the tasks that need to be performed, when, and by whom. In the new tool for follow-up of sick leave, you will be safely guided through the entire process, eliminating concerns about overlooking important tasks and deadlines. – You have a clear overview of all activities and receive automatic reminders at the right time, such as when it's time to convene for a dialogue meeting regarding the employee. You can also effortlessly put together a follow-up plan directly in the system, Veronica explains.

Seamless Integration With the Authorities

The management of sick leave is handled through a direct integration between Flex HRM and Altinn for a seamless process. Altinn is an internet portal for digital communication between businesses, private individuals, and authorities in Norway. – The digital medical certificate is automatically uploaded into Flex HRM from NAV/Altinn from day one, without any action required from the employee or employer. The employee's time report is automatically updated with sick leave, and as a result, the system activates the sick leave follow-up, encompassing all the necessary steps. In the event of an extension to the sick leave or any other changes, these updates are seamlessly synchronized automatically, says Veronica Tjomsland. She adds: – You can customize the system to manage multiple types of absences and make sure you receive notifications for actionable items. This empowers managers and HR professionals with an effective tool to stay ahead and prevent extended sick leave periods.

Contact us if you want to know more

The follow-up of sick leave is an add-on module to the web-based personnel system Flex HRM and is developed to support the needs of Norwegian businesses. You are welcome to contact us if you want to know more.

About Flex Applications

Flex Applications stands out as a leading provider with its solution Flex HRM, offering a comprehensive web-based personnel system that seamlessly integrates time, travel, payroll, HR, and staffing functionalities – including support for the regulations of the Nordic countries and Nordic user support. With a rich history dating back to 1990, the company now boasts a team of around 115 employees spanning Sweden, Norway, and Denmark.

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