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​​Flex Applications Launches Digital Tool for Pay Equity Analysis​

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Equal pay for equal work. Flex Applications is now expanding its product offering within digital HR with system support for all elements of the pay equity analysis.

According to the Swedish Discrimination Act, all employers are obliged to perform a pay equity analysis once a year to discover, remedy, and prevent unfair gender differences in pay. Yet many organizations experience the pay equity analysis as complicated and complex. With this new module in the personnel system Flex HRM, the goal is to automate and streamline the whole process – from preparation and job evaluation to analysis and documentation.

All Data in One Place

Linda Tesell, product manager at Flex Applications, explains why the tool has been long-awaited:

– Many organizations today don’t have system support for pay equity analysis and use spreadsheets or similar. We’re now offering our customers the possibility of working in a digital flow, where they have all the data they need in one place, avoiding complicated transfers between different systems. With automated functions and a user-friendly interface, the tool can unlock many valuable working hours – while the quality of the work improves.

– When you want to perform a new pay equity analysis, you can instantly access all the information you need – every employee, their salaries, and the correct numbers – with only one button click. You save much time on the preparatory work and can focus entirely on the analysis, Linda continues.

Easy to Get Started

It’s also easy to get started for those who haven’t used system support before. – Of course, we will provide templates so you can get going with relatively small means. Once you have made the preparations and the job evaluation the first time, the data will be transferred to next year’s analysis – you don’t have to repeat the process every year, which is also a great timesaver.

Contact Us if You Want to Know More

The Pay equity analysis is offered as a separate add-on module to Flex HRM's personnel system, launching January 2023. Please get in touch with us if you want to know more.

About Flex HRM

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