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Flex Applications and Winningtemp Initiate Collaboration on Pulse Surveys

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How content are your employees, really? Taking control of employee well-being and engagement is more crucial than ever – yet it can easily become an administrative challenge. Now, Flex Applications is introducing an integration with Winningtemp that simplifies the daily life for managers and HR personnel.

As an employer, how do you ensure that everyone feels motivated and engaged at work? And would they recommend your workplace to others? Winningtemp has developed an AI-based platform that sends out pulse surveys to employees on a regular basis – a set of quick questions on topics like job satisfaction, leadership, and team spirit.

The answers are then compiled and visualized in easily understandable graphs. With the new integration between Flex Applications and Winningtemp's platforms, the goal has been to bring smoothness and overview to the next level – all achieved by making the results of surveys accessible in a digital dashboard for HR metrics, which is part of the Flex HRM personnel system. All that's required are a few quick button clicks.

Linda Tesell, Product Manager at Flex Applications, welcomes the partnership with Winningtemp:
– As more and more companies discover the benefits of using pulse surveys to engage and retain their employees, we are thrilled about collaborating with Winningtemp, a frontrunner in this field. At Flex Applications, our ambition is also to offer our customers everything they need for their HR work in one single comprehensive solution – and together with Winningtemp, we’re advancing in that direction.

Jacob Österberg, VP Corporate Development at Winningtemp, is also excited about the collaboration with Flex Applications:
– We're thrilled to showcase our remarkable partnership with Flex Applications! As a frontrunner in HRM, they possess an innate understanding of customer needs – present and future. By merging Winningtemp's cutting-edge analyses with Flex Applications' rich personnel data, we empower HR leaders with an array of exciting analytical opportunities. Now, organizations can seize the perfect moment to make impactful decisions, all thanks to our dynamic collaboration.

Complete Control Over Pulse Surveys, Sick Leave, and Other HR Metrics – All in One Place

The benefits of the integration are numerous: You gain a perfect overview without having to log into multiple different interfaces, and with automatic synchronization between the systems, you can rely on your data continuously being updated and accurate. But that's not all; the solution also paves the way for new methods of correlating various types of key metrics – which, in turn, can lead to valuable insights. Linda Tesell:

– The significant advantage is that you can gather data and graphs from both pulse surveys and different types of HR metrics, such as sick leave and employee turnover, all in one interface. When employee well-being is juxtaposed with other metrics, that's when it truly becomes intriguing.

About Winningtemp

Winningtemp is a Swedish innovation company with a clear ambition to create well-being and effective organizations. Based on 600 scientific studies, the AI-based platform helps HR teams and leaders visualize employees' work situations in real-time and proactively act on insights that strengthen employee engagement. Today, Winningtemp delivers measurable change to over 1,200 companies in more than 20 countries.

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