Behind the Scenes of Flex’s New Look: Our CMO Spills the Tea

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Finally! After months of hard work behind the scenes, we at Flex Applications are proud to unveil our new visual identity. Curious about the thoughts and processes behind it all? We asked our CMO, Lotta Erdtman, to give us the details.

Let's start from the beginning – why is Flex undergoing this change? What's the purpose of this new attire?
– Flex has embarked on a remarkable journey with incredible progress over the years. However, our visual identity has remained relatively unchanged for quite some time now – the logo and the distinct orange color have been with us since 2015. So, we felt it was time to renew ourselves and adopt a look that reflects who we are today. The new visual identity isn't just sleek and appealing; it also exudes tech, innovation, and forward-thinking – just like us.

How has the reception been among the staff?
– We kicked off by internally launching the new visual identity at an event, and it was a thumbs-up right from the start. Everyone has been incredibly curious and optimistic – and barely able to wait to showcase the new design to the world. It's been amazing to see such enthusiasm from everyone at Flex – now, we're hoping for just as many cheers from our customers and partners.

The logo is changing, and Flex is turning pink and blue. Will customers still recognize us?
– Yes, a lot is new, but it felt important to tweak all the elements to achieve a cohesive and impactful result. However, I still feel confident that customers and partners will recognize us. And most importantly, I believe and hope they understand that we're still the same Flex underneath it all – we've just put on our slickest and most representative suit. 🙂

“Bringing order to busy bees” is Flex's new tagline accompanying the new logo. Tell us more about what it means!
– Well, we think the common thread in what we do is bringing order to everything you, as an employer or employee, need to keep track of in a hectic daily life. The tagline is intended as a nod to everyone out there juggling their busy lives, whether they work in offices, manufacturing, retail, or healthcare. Bringing order to busy bees – that's how we assist our customers, simply put.

Thank you, Lotta, for giving us insight into the work behind Flex's new look. Is there anything else you'd like to add?
– Yes, I'd like to take this opportunity to mention that this has been a real team effort, So, I'd like to thank all my colleagues for their fantastic contributions and our partners, Think Happy Thoughts and Invise, who have been incredibly professional and attentive throughout the process.

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