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A New Way of Working with Staffing

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When working with staffing and scheduling, there is (as some of you are already aware) quite a lot to keep in mind. That is precisely why digital support can make such a massive difference for those working on this task. In our web-based staffing and scheduling system, Flex HRM Plan, we are launching scheduling plans – a ground-breaking way of working with staffing.

Next Level Overview

Andreas Tapperis the product manager responsible for HRM Time and Plan. He explains: – With the new Scheduling plans, you will get a better overview of the schedules of a whole group and which employees are scheduled. Making changes to the schedule will also become more accessible. Examples of such changes can be if a night shift must be brought forward one hour from the year-end or if an employee will be working a different shift on Thursdays in the future – in other words, changes that occasionally occur in the workplace. Another advantage is that you can staff an entire group in one plan, and changes that you make can be applied to the whole group at once. Not having to separately adjust the schedules of 50 people is, of course, something that saves plenty of time.

Norwegian Companies have Driven the Development

In the Nordic market, where Flex HRM is continuously expanding, many companies choose Flex HRM Plan thanks to the possibility of combining it with a complex time system and HR support. Veronica Tjomsland, CEO of Flex Applications International: – A significant segment of our customers in Norway uses Flex HRM Plan, and when developing this function, being able to discuss it with them has been valuable to us. A concrete example is that they wanted to be able to view the key figures – how many staffed hours per week, how many hours in total, etc. – before the schedule was rolled out. This way, you make sure everything is in line with the employment rates and avoid under- and over-staffing.

More News Coming

Looking ahead, what other news is on the way in Flex HRM Plan? Andreas Tapper tells us what is next: – Shortly, we will launch a function that facilitates viewing your colleague’s schedules in the HRM app (HRM mobile). As an employee, you may want to know which co-workers are on the same shift as you tomorrow or who from your department is working during the weekend, for example. Another function we believe many will appreciate is that it will be possible to subscribe to your schedule shortly. This means you can view your schedule directly in your calendar with everything else you want to fit into your life puzzle. Veronica fills in: – And you can use flex time frames on your work shifts. A good overview of who has requested which work shifts is also coming in Staffing plans. Staffing plans is the new flexible way to staff! Now let’s focus on improving it even more! Do you want to know more about how you can streamline the staffing with Flex HRM Plan? Read more here or contact us!

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