A good dose of cooperation and happy cheers when Flex HRM was implemented at Nord-Lock

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Nord-Lock missed the closeness and the flexibility that came with the inhouse payroll management. Therefore, they broke the trend and brought the payroll management back home. The result: an implementation completed in record time and according to plan.

Making mechanical solutions around us safe and solid. That has been the main objective of Nord-Lock since the company was started in 1982. The bolt securing solutions are currently used within a wide variety of sectors all over the world. The main office is located in Malmö, but Mattmar, in the province of Jämtland, is the workplace for 150 of the company’s employees. This is also where the payroll function is located.

– Previously, our payroll management was outsourced; however, in the fall of 2018 we decided to bring it back home. After having been in contact with Flex, we realized that we would have a better quality to the same price if we brought the management back home, says Yvonne Jansson, payroll administrator at Nord-Lock. A really good implementation team together with our will to change contributed to a successful implementation.

Anette Green, HR manager at Nord-Lock, adds:

– Our motive was that we wanted to have an accessible, high-quality payroll support that is also able to provide ”that something extra” to HR and managers, without it implying longer waiting times or additional costs. The total cost for managing the payroll inhouse is the same as for managing it externally; however, according to the assessment we made, we will have more value for our money in the form of support, time and accessibility.

Smooth to get started

After that, a close cooperation between Flex and Nord-Lock for implementing the system followed. At five occasions one met for working together, and in between parallel activities at Flex and Nord-Lock were carried out to gather all information and get started with the system. All in all, it took five months between project start and live operation.

– It went significantly faster than it normally does. But an excellent implementation team, together with our will to change, contributed to a successful implementation. The process was smooth with a good dose of cooperation and happy cheers!

After the implementation, one discovered that some settings in the time reporting and travel expense claim systems were not working as intended. Yvonne says that this was quickly fixed with some fine-tuning by the consultants from Flex – one of the advantages of having a flexible system that allows adjustments in (practically) any conceivable way. Yvonne is very pleased with the contact with Flex.

– Throughout the process we have had great service and quick help as soon as we needed it.

Uses time, travel and payroll

Nord-Lock uses the time, travel and payroll modules from Flex. The workers at Nord-Lock use Flex for travel reporting, and they report their time discrepancies in the time report. There are several parts in the management that have been facilitated by implementing Flex HRM.

– The closeness to the payroll administrator, flexibility and quickness are what matters most to us. But also the fact that it’s a modern system with modern functions, for instance that you can snap a photo of your receipt, measure distances driven, and so on. Great features!

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