Top Eight Reasons for Choosing an Overall HR System Solution

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One program for travel expenses, another for payroll, time reports in an Excel sheet…An efficient way of working? No, not really. There is a lot to gain from placing all parts of your HR administration in one single system. There are quite a few HR processes that can be simplified by choosing an overall system solution. Managers and employees get a more efficient workday, your opportunities for data analysis will improve and duplication of efforts will no longer be an issue. These are some of the reasons that lead the great tour operator Apollo to choose Flex HRM when changing their HR system back in 2017. – It´s a huge difference for us working in this way. The entire management of travel expense claims, time reports and schedules is carried out automatically and goes so much faster. So says Cathy Anderson, team leader for the payroll administration at the company which is now part of the group DER Touristik Nordic AB. Yes, there is no doubt that using an overall solution for your HR administration. Let us have a look at what we consider to be the greatest advantages.

  1. All data concerning the staff at one place. By having all information gathered in the same database, duplication of efforts and data redundancy can be avoided. In addition, the potential sources of errors are minimized as all changes and updates only need to be made at one place.
  2. Fewer integrations – improved security. You will not have to deal with complicated technical integrations between systems from different suppliers. This further reduces potential sources of errors and allows for a more secure data processing.
  3. One supplier – one channel of communication! When you need help with maximum amounts for health promotion benefits, when you have forgotten where to find that setting for unsocial working hours, when you are tearing your hair out trying to figure out why there are inconsistencies in that report, or when you need guidance in reversing a payroll process. In situations like these, wouldn’t you find it convenient to be able to turn to the same place no matter your issue? For an experienced and competent HR system supplier, it’s critical to keep a high service standard in relation to the customers.
  4. Flexible and scalable. Chances are you will not make use of the entire system solution right away. If the supplier offers an overall solution that also allows you to pick out the pieces you like, you can add more modules as the company grows and new needs emerge.
  5. Reports an statistics that give you the whole picture. Being able to combine data from several different areas is yet another benefit of putting together all HR data and processes in one single system. If the system also has a statistics hub or a dashboard you will gain a perfect overview, something that isn´t possible if you are using several different systems for your HR administration.
  6. Everything in one app. Nowadays, all modern HR systems come with an app that employees can use for reporting directly in their cell phones. The benefit of using an integrated solution for your HR administration is that one single app can be used for all tasks, for time reports as well as travel expense claims. With Flex HRM they can also view their balances, check their payslips, swap work shifts with a colleague and see who have checked in or out – all at one place.
  7. One single interface. You will never have to wonder where you can get a certain type of data concerning one of your employees. Everything can be found in your personnel system. In addition, it allows you to work in one single, uniform interface. You avoid the hassle of keeping in mind several different credentials, and you quickly learn how to navigate the system, regardless of which task you are working with. Convenient and user-friendly!
  8. Full control and overview. By having all information concerning your personnel administration at one place it´s quick and easy to retrieve the information you want. In flex HRM, for instance, we have put great effort into making the start page as informative as possible. You can adapt the interface and display just the panels you like according to your needs and interests.

Flex HRM is unique on the market in offering a HR system providing a complete and uniform support for your HR administration. Everything from scheduling of work shifts, time and project reporting, absence applications, registration of travel expense claims and expenses to approval, authorizing and wage payment – Flex HRM covers the entire flow.

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