Do You Need to Create Customized HR Reports? Discover Our Report Generator!

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Are you an administrator or manager responsible for your company's HR reports? Are you and your colleagues struggling with scattered data from various sources and formats? Or are you unable to extract the desired information from the system's standard reports? For those who are ready for more brilliant HR reporting, let us introduce our report generator! Flex HRM is the web-based personnel system constantly growing and evolving with new innovative features. Among the latest additions to the product portfolio is the report generator – a powerful and user-friendly tool that helps companies create customized reports. We asked Björn Lindqvist, product manager at Flex Applications, to tell us more about the report generator and how it can simplify the lives of managers and administrators.

Unlock the Hidden Potential of Data Already Available in the System

Create clear lists of employee contact information or birthdates. Extract salary statistics, absence statistics, or track hours worked per project and department – and much more. The report generator is versatile and helps you extract the information recorded in different parts of the system. In other words, a smart way to make the most of your available HR data and package it in a neat and structured format. – Since all the data in Flex HRM resides in the same database, you can build reports with information from different parts of the system. You can also combine different types of data, such as linking personal details with information from time sheets or payroll transactions. This way, you can obtain the exact information you desire in a single report without having to deal with multiple files or complicated transfers between different systems, Björn explains.

Customized Reports – Without Complex Detours

But doesn't Flex HRM already have a set of standard reports? Can't we just use them? Björn Lindqvist: – Many of our clients also need their own custom reports to complement the standard reports, which they used to have to order from our development department. With the report generator, that need diminishes because you can easily build your own customized reports according to your company's specific needs.

Smart Preview Function

When creating your report, you start by selecting the data source from which the information will be retrieved. Then, you have a multitude of options for sorting, grouping, and formatting the information, allowing you to extract data in a detailed and precise manner for your company or department. – With the built-in preview, you can see the outcome depending on your chosen parameters. This way, you can test and refine your desired end result at your own pace before saving and publishing your report, Björn says. Perhaps your company is part of a corporate group? In that case, you can also benefit from the concern management, which allows you to manage all the companies in the corporate group in a single report for optimal efficiency and overview.

Delivering the Right Information to the Right Person

Once you have built your report, you can easily print it as a PDF. You can also share it so that, for example, your manager can easily access it directly within the system. And, of course, you don't have to worry about sensitive information falling into the wrong hands thanks to a flexible authorization system that ensures the correct information reaches the right person. – Many of our clients request the ability to edit and work with the reports outside the system. That's why we have also added the option to export your report to Excel with a simple button press, Björn adds. The report generator is offered as an add-on module to our web-based personnel system, Flex HRM. If you and your colleagues are ready for smarter HR reporting and considering whether the report generator would be the right solution, don't hesitate to contact us!

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