Checklist: How Effective Is Your Payroll Management?

En effektiv löneadministration - två kvinnor tittar på en skärm The right pay at the right time – something your company can never compromise with. But payroll administration is an important and complex job involving much more than just a button click on the 25th. Use our checklist to determine if your payroll department has the right conditions for working as effectively as possible. How many boxes can you check?

  1. Are all salary details digitally managed – without manual involvement? Correct in-data every month – an absolute must for accurate payslips. But many companies still struggle with manual routines, spreadsheets, and paper hassle when collecting time reports, travel expense claims, receipts, and other salary details. Perhaps an employee has forgotten to include some detail, or they have registered something that goes against rules and policies, which creates unnecessary excess work (and frustration) for the payroll department. So, what is the trick to avoiding this common payroll management pitfall? The solution is spelled modern pre-systems for time reporting and travel expenses that are synced directly to your payroll system. A great deal of trouble can be avoided by letting the employees manage their reporting in user-friendly apps and web-based systems. The payroll administrator will receive complete and correct support for the payroll run and can import the details into the payroll system with just a button click. Correct in-data and correct out-data through automation, in other words!
  2. Have you documented your work processes? If someone in your payroll department suddenly goes on sick leave or resigns, do you have someone who can do the job in their place? Do you keep track of all the routines and elements that should be checked over the month?A good way of securing your payroll management is to map out and document all recurring tasks in the payroll process. This way, it will be much easier for a temporary replacement or a new hire to grasp the company’s payroll processes. Lastly, documenting all details will help the company get an overall perspective and detect things that can be solved more efficiently. Which tasks are performed manually today that you could automate? What are your biggest frustrations and time wasters during your workday, and how could you eliminate them?
  3. Do you keep track of policies and deadlines? Are your payroll administrators experiencing much last-minute stress getting everything in place when the salary payment is coming up? Are they spending several hours answering the same questions from the staff, over and over again? The solution is to be as straightforward as possible regarding your policies and routines. This way, you avoid the employees’ confusion regarding how times, travels, and expense claims should be reported, and the deadlines for marking as complete and attesting.If you wish, gather this information in a (digital) employee manual that everyone in the company can easily access. Clearly explain the importance of everyone taking responsibility for easing the payroll department’s work. With clear guidelines to refer to, many of the recurring questions from the staff can be avoided – something that can be a great time saver in your payroll management.
  4. Are you effortlessly managing reports and out-data? Statistics to SCB (Statistiska Centralbyrån) and the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise (Svenskt Näringsliv), reporting to FORA and Collectum, wage tax declaration on individual level (AGI) to the Swedish Tax Agency… All companies must regularly dispatch a fair amount of reporting and statistics to different authorities. To avoid undesired surprises, you must keep track of holiday liabilities lists for the accounting and perhaps a few internal reports. How do you monitor that all calculations are correct; how do you ensure that no details are overlooked or misreported – and how do you correct mistakes once they are there? The solution is the same: let the payroll system do (most of) the job!The ultimate payroll system includes smart features that will simplify tasks such as vacation management and wage tax declaration on individual level (AGI). It can also help you with all calculations and ensure that the correct task ends up in the right place – automatically. Additionally, you will save much time with quality controls as the system will notify you of suspected errors; it also keeps logs where you can easily see where a number is incorrect in the chain. You will work time efficiently, safely, and securely – and completely paper free!
  5. Is your payroll administration equipped for the future’s tough demands? Is your payroll system dating back a few years? Is it time for an upgrade? A change of system can, of course, seem like a big project. Still, there are several solid arguments as to why you should invest in a solution that will let you work efficiently and effectively – today and tomorrow. Here are a few of them:- With a web-based system in the cloud, you will always have access to what you need – and aren’t tied to the office computer. - When new laws and regulations within the payroll area take effect, the system will keep up – so that you never have to worry about having correct values and calculation formulas in place. - You will get the tools needed for managing payroll slips and other sensitive data in a GDPR-friendly way. - Lastly, with a proactive supplier that invests in new development, you can always rest assured that you have access to the latest innovative features. Something that can free many valuable hours and give your payroll administrators a more pleasant workday – a workday where their competencies are made justice, and they won’t have to spend their time manually entering details.

Is It Time for a Smarter Payroll Administration? We Are Here to Help You!

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