Better Communication at Work – This Is How a Smart HRM System Can Help You

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Are your and your colleagues struggling to get your communication to run smoothly? Do you wish to put an end to those endless email threads, angry reminders and piles of sticky notes? Or do you have many staff members working in the field without access to a job email? With the right set of digital tools you can make sure to keep synced without hassle. Let´s have a closer look!

How do you solve your in-house communication at your workplace? Are numerous working hours spent on making phone calls or emailing concerning various types of errands? Maybe part of the staff members work ” in the field” and have no job email? To tackle these challenges we have, in our web-based HRM system Flex HRM put great effort in digitalizing and automatizing the information flow and let staff members and managers communicate in the way that suits them best – through intelligent built-in functions in our app and our web portal? Curious to know more about the smart shortcuts? Keep reading and we will guide you!

Eight smart ways to improve your job communication

When someone wishes to apply for leave or swap work shifts with the colleague, when illness or other changes in the schedule have to be dealt with, when it´s time to submit your time report, when you have to coordinate your to-do-lists… During an ordinary job day there are numerous occasions where you job communication has to be solved with the least amount of hassle involved. Here are eight tips and tricks from Flex HRM and our app Flex HRM Mobile to help you.

  1. Use the start page to keep updated

    Have you written an instruction that you need to share with your team? Would you like to send quick messages to all staff members or a specific employee without having to search for email addresses? Or quickly check up on deadlines and statuses for tasks assigned to you and your colleagues? When you open Flex HRM in our desktop version you are welcomed by an intuitive and well-structured start page that allows you to easily sync with your colleagues and keep updated on current information – with a few clicks of a button. An information and communication hub, quite simply, which may also be tailored to allow you to access exactly the panels you wish and need to see. Quite clever, isn't it?

  2. Easy to get in touch with your colleague – also on the go

    Are you on the move a lot? In our app Flex HRM Mobile there are a lot of smart shortcuts for a more convenient communication. Among the many useful functions you can find ”My colleagues” which helps you to get in touch with your team with a few clicks of a button. The feature presents you with a list of your colleagues, including contact details and current status, such as ”in”, ”out” or ”on break”, and so on. If you wish to get in touch with someone you simply click on the name and the desired contact symbol – done!

  3. Who should I turn to? Let the contact panel guide you!

    Hard to know who to turn to in different types of errands? To avoid such problems you can use the smart contact panel in Flex HRM. With this feature, you and your colleagues can easily add a list of important contact persons (within or outside of the company), including email address, phone number and a description of their roles and responsibilities*. Easy, clear and time-saving! * This feature is released in version 2021.3 which will be available during May 2021.

    Has one of your employees called in sick? Use the app to send a shift request and find a substitute.

  4. Staff your work shifts with short notice

    Do you work with scheduling? If so, maybe you have experienced the hassle of having to spending time chasing substitutes when someone have phoned in sick or another rapid change has occurred. Fortunately, however, there is a smarter way to fix this. With our app Flex HRM Mobile you can send requests via SMS and email to your employees to see who wish to pick up the work shift. You can easily see not only which employees are available but also who match any competences or qualifications connected to the shift – to allow the relevant persons to take part of the request an no others. The employee then simply accepts or rejects the offered work shift directly in the app.

  5. Swap work shifts with your colleague on your coffee break

    You and your colleague are having a coffee break when you realize that you wish to swap work shifts this week. Flex HRM comes with an intelligent function for swapping shifts that allows employees to make a quick request in their mobile phones – without having to go finding and talking with the manager. The manager receives a push note and can make a decision right away. A convenient tool for a more seamless communication at work – and often appreciated by the employees who are given a greater self-determination and a possibility to affect their schedule.

  6. Apply for leave and call in sick with a click of a button

    Time for some well-deserved time off? In Flex HRM its´ easy to apply for vacation and other types of leave and any complementary messages you would like to forward with a few clicks of a button – directly in your cell phone or on the web. And if you wish to check how many annual leave days, flexitime or compensatory leave hours there are left to make use of before you make your application – you can do this too in the same view. As soon as you have clicked to submit, your manager receives a push note and may accept or decline your application for leave right away. If you get sick and have to stay in bed you can also register you sick leave via the app – easy and convenient.

  7. The right reminders in the right time – completely automatically

    Now you have forgotten to submit your time report – again! Having to send out those email reminders each month is hardly a favorite task among team leaders and administrators. Spend your time and energy on other things and let the system do the job for you! Flex HRM helps you to keep track of absence applications, time reports and travel expense claims to process, when it´s time to fill out the staff appraisal form, when a colleague´s birthday is underway, when a colleague is about to reach a certain number of consecutive sick days – and much more! Of course, you can choose to have your reminders in the way that suits you best – on the start page, as an email or as a push note in your phone. An incredibly flexible tool for a cooperation with less friction and a better workplace communication, quite simply.

  8. No more spreadsheet hassle in your onboarding process

    Giving new colleagues the best possible start at their new job – that´s a self-evident ambition for most workplaces. Our intelligent tool for digital onboarding helps you to make sure that nothing is missed or falls between the cracks. Create digital to-do-lists, delegate tasks to the persons in charge and send out automatic reminders to keep track of your deadlines. Bye bye last minute panic and time-consuming Excel sheets that have to mailed back and forth!

Would you like to know more about Flex HRM and our tools for a better communication at work and a smarter working day? Read more here.

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