10 Ways of Making Your Workday More Efficient

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Stressed out at work? Small administrative streams make great rivers. Some days you are overwhelmed by tasks that don’t contribute to your actual work assignments – but need to be done nevertheless. Luckily, things go in the other direction too – for each small administrative task that can be automated or streamlined you will save time and energy, which can be spent on the things you actually wish to do, and should do, at work. – Flex HRM provides a good overall solution, with numerous intelligent features that make your workday more efficient. We cover all parts of the HR management – everything from time reporting and travel expenses to wage payment – under one umbrella. One system is all it takes, which means that you will quickly learn to navigate it – and save a lot of time, says Rickard Israelsson, product manager for the systems Payroll and Employee. Rickard Israelsson, together with his colleague Andreas Tapper, gives ten examples of how Flex HRM can make your work day more efficient:

  1. Correct rules and allowances – automatically The system automatically keeps track of all rules and allowances – all you need to do is reporting your time.
  2. Super easy management of travel expense claims When starting your car trip, a click in the app is all it takes, and your entire trip will be recorded by means of satellite positioning. The system automatically calculates the correct allowance.
  3. Report your time just by clicking a button Reporting your time in Flex can be as simple as checking in when you arrive at work and checking out when you leave. And you can do it in the mobile app. It couldn’t be any easier than that.
  4. Easy to use expense management Use you use your card to pay for e.g. your parking ticket, the system recognizes that and makes sure that the expense appears in the proper category. You can also take a photo of the receipt with your smartphone, and the app will read the date, amount and VAT and make sure that everything is registered correctly and immediately in the system.
  5. Quick absence applications Use your cellphone to see your annual leave days and compensatory hours. Once you have made a new application, the manager gets a push note in his cellphone, which allows him to accept or decline the absence without delay
  6. Swap work shifts on your coffee break You and your colleague are having a coffee break and realize that swapping shifts this week would be a good idea. Instead of going to ask your manager you can make a quick application in the cellphone. The manager gets a push note and can make his decision right away.
  7. Seamless Changes of department If you are about to change department at work, all access rights can be set up in the system beforehand. In this way you will have access to everything you need from day 1 at your new department. And your previous manager can authorize the time you have worked for him, whereas your new manager is directly given the responsibility for the time ahead.
  8. Digital signing of important agreements Employment contracts and non-disclosure agreements, approvals concerning the processing of personal data and other forms…There are many documents to print, sign and file. In cooperation with Verified, Flex now launches a service for digital signing – that allows you to manage all your important agreements using your BankID.
  9. Convenient concern management If you are manager for a concern with employees in different subsidiaries you can get a common attendance schedule for all employees, regardless of company. In this way you will have a clear overview of the entire concern.
  10. A dream for payroll administrators Flex can be integrated with many different payroll systems, and it’s easy to create payroll files that can be uploaded directly to the payroll system used by the company.

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