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Flex HRM Plan is a modern, powerful and easy-to-use staffing system. You can easily schedule your employees and plan the staffing for different departments or services. Of course, you can also calculate costs for the employees. Flex HRM Plan is a part of Flex HRM – our complete solution for personnel administration. You can choose one part or many parts! Does this sound good to you? Contact us and we will tell you more!

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Staffing system with a clear overview

Flex staffing module provides a clear overview of work shifts to be assigned and the staff available. Choose if you wish to see the schedule view per day, week, month or according to your own date selection. You can easily choose your preferred method for scheduling your staff on projects, department our other organizational unit. In parallel to planning the schedules of the staff, you can see a comprehensible view of your current key figures, such as personnel costs, number of hours, sales, absence and number of scheduled work shifts.

Different views for different purposes

Calendar view, dynamic view, monthly view, weekly view and daily view – we have chosen to make a wide selection of views available to allow you to use Flex HRM Plan in the way that suits you best. Choose for yourself the level of detail required for your planning. Adaptable views depending on your needs are also available when using your smartphone or tablet.

Easy to schedule

With Flex HRM Plan we wish to facilitate your staffing. We use basic schedules that can be repeated for the number of weeks of your choice. In this way you can avoid an excessive number of schedules to keep track of. To make it even more user-friendly and easy to overview, you can also choose between different colours for different departments and services. Just drag and drop your shifts to the desired place. These are some examples of how we strive for streamlining your planning. In our view, it goes without saying that staffing should be easy and effortless!

Automatic staffing

Let the system do the staffing for you! You can specify which criteria should apply for assigning work shifts, e.g. cost, competence, employment time or a combination of them all. The system provides a suggested staffing to proceed from or make a new suggestion with changed parameters. This can be repeated as many times as you like until you are satisfied and have achieved your optimal staffing result. Off course, the system takes account of the working time regulations and the employment levels of the staff.

Super easy to manage your schedule changes

With the feature called Staffing plans, you create your schedules and staff them in one and the same view. This gives you a perfect overview of your entire staff group and allows you to manage changes in your staffing or your work shifts super easily – for all employees included in the plan at once.

Key figures

Follow up your key figures for personnel costs, worked hours, sales, etc. directly in HRM Plan. In addition to the exact values you can see graphics illustrating the efficiency of you planning.

Follow up your budget

It is important to follow up time and costs for keeping track of your business and improving your efficiency. With Flex Statistics you can easily follow up your budgeted values for hours, costs and sales and compare them with the scheduled time and the outcome. We have chosen to make things flexible. You decide which definitions you wish to use, for instance sales, number of errands or incoming orders. When looking at the outcome you can choose if you wish to use bar graphs or line graphs, and you can also choose your desired grouping of values.

Request work shifts

The employees can use their smartphone or tablet to request available work shifts. You can also mark work shifts that have already been assigned as unwanted. HRM Plan makes it easier for the employees to affect their working schedule.

Assign work shifts via SMS or email

Flex HRM Plan allows you to keep track of your staffing by means of a comprehensive schedule with a clear overview. If you need to assign a work shift, you can easily send shift notifications via SMS and email to available staff with the requested competence. The employee gets to answer the email or SMS with his/her acceptance or rejection of the work shift offered. Furthermore, staff members can easily switch work shifts between themselves according to the same principle. In order to follow up requests and assign the work shifts in question, the manager can use a designated view for shift requests.


Flex HRM Plan allows you to specify the competencies required for different assignments. For all employees you can specify details concerning their competencies. When working with your planning you will see only the individuals who may be relevant for the work shift. A perfect and comprehensible tool for everyone working with staffing who won’t settle for less than the best!

How much does the staff cost?

Of course, you can also calculate costs for the staff and compare them with your budget. Additional costs for overtime and inconvenient working hours are included as well.

Do you need to integrate your system with ours?

Flex HRM can be connected to a number of pre-systems and post-systems, e.g. systems for payroll, accounting and invoicing. In addition to our tailored solutions, we have an open API which makes is it easy to integrate Flex HRM with practically any other system.

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