Flex HRM Travel – an easy-to-use travel expense system

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Flex HRM Travel gives you full control of your travel expense claim, with a minimum of manual work! The employees register their trips and expenses in the user-friendly interface and the program automatically calculates the allowances. The manager authorizes it, and wage payment is carried out. Furthermore, you can let the program record your car trip and do the job with keeping track of the distance and any stops you made on the way. HRM Travel has many smart functions but is still very user-friendly.

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Registration in the way that suits you

Register your travel expense claims via PC, tablet or smartphone. Being completely web-based, the system allows you to make your registration wherever you are and on any device of your choice.

Record your car trip

In Flex HRM you can record your car trip and see on a map where you have been, and which stops you have made.

When you have reached your destination and stopped your recording, you can correct your details. With this function you can avoid the hassle of keeping track of the distance driven, Flex HRM travel makes this calculation for you!

Convenient trip log

With satellite positioning as an extra support it is easy to register your trip. The system traces the trip automatically and sums up the distance driven when finishing the trip.

Flexible account codes

Of course, trips and expenses can be distributed on several account codes, e.g. department, project and customer. The system allows for easy follow-ups and preparation of invoice details for your customers and post-systems.

Invoice everything at the same time on the same project

Flex sums all pay code transactions generated from a specific trip, mileage allowance, expense or entertainment. In this way, you can easily invoice everything associated with a project at one single moment.

Vacation in connection to business trips

Do you wish to take a couple of days´ vacation in connection with a business trip? Of course, Flex HRM Travel supports that, whether you wish to take your vacation at the start, at the end or in the middle of the business trip.

Register in the country's currency

Let HRM Travel do the job. The system automatically converts the amount to Swedish crowns with the current rate.

Manage credit card purchases

Expenses during the trip paid by card can easily be imported to the travel expense claim. If you have a card that you also use for private purchases, you just have to mark which purchases are private purchases and which should generate a compensation. The rest is handled by the program! At present, Flex HRM Travel handles credit cards from Danske Bank, Eurocard, Citibank, First Card and Handelsbanken.

Interpretation of receipts

Take a photo of the receipt with your smartphone and attach it directly to your travel expense claim. Flex HRM Travel offers you a smooth receipt management – no more paper hassle and lost receipts! When taking a photo of a receipt, HRM Mobile is also able to read the information from the receipt so that amount, VAT and date automatically end up at the right place in the travel expense claim.

Intelligent selection of expense codes

When a credit card transaction is imported to the travel expense claim, the system can, by means of merchant details on the transaction, see which expense code should be connected to the transaction.

Automatic calculation

The system handles the calculation of substance allowances, expenses, deductions and entertainment. This makes the travel expense claim management quicker and safer.

Choose your language

Just as for the other Flex systems, menus, input images and printouts can be translated into the language of your choice.

Reminders feature and quick communication

The system gives the user reminders telling them when submitting, approval and authorizing need to be carried out. There is also a message function for sending quick messages to colleagues.

Authorize travel expense claims for the entire company group

Is your organization part of a company group? With the concern module as an additional module you will have an overview of the entire company group and you can easily authorize travel expense claims for all companies.

Complete travel expense claim management

Flex HRM Travel is an efficient and easy-to-use tool for travel expense claims. Everything is covered, from the traveller’s registration of the trip, including expenses and trip log, to calculation, authorizing and transfer to payroll and post-system for invoicing.

Report generator – tailored reports in a few clicks

Do you and your colleagues want to build your own reports according to your company’s needs? Discover the report generator in Flex HRM! Take advantage of our seamless overall solution and create customized reports with exactly the information you want from the system. Then share them with your colleagues so that the right person can access the right information.

Get an overview of the company’s business trips

With the Statistics feature in Flex HRM you have the perfect tool for taking out statistics for your company.

Get an overview of the company’s costs for business trips and expenses. Compare subsistence allowances paid out, per country and month. Map changes in the occupancy rate over the year. Or follow up hours spent or travel costs on different projects. The applications of the Statistics feature are numerous.

With comprehensible bar charts, line graphs and pie charts, the company’s figures are visualized. Furthermore, the statistics are easy to access thanks to the option of publishing it on the start page, where managers and other users easily can access them, just by clicking a button.

Of course, access rights can be limited to make sure that different members of the organization can access exactly the information they need. Our intelligent dynamic selections make it possible for all employees to make comparisons of e.g. their own worked hours with those of the department or the company.

Do you need to integrate your system with ours?

Flex HRM can be connected to a number of pre-systems and post-systems, e.g. systems for payroll, accounting and invoicing. In addition to our tailored solutions, we have an open API which makes is it easy to integrate Flex HRM with practically any other system.

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