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In our view, time reporting should be quick and easy! Report time, report time on projects, use the time clock, manage absence applications, flex time, inconvenient working hours, part-time absence, etc. Flex HRM Time is a time system that simplifies and rationalizes the company’s time reporting, so that you and your co-workers can spend your time on other things. Flex HRM Time is a part of Flex HRM – our complete solution for personnel administration. You can choose one part or several! Does this sound good to you? Contact us and we will tell you more.

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Report your time in the way that suits you

Register your time report via PC, tablet, smartphone or timeclock. Being completely web-based, the system allows you to report your time wherever you are. Any number of account codes can be used, e.g. project and cost center. You can always see current balances, as they are updated in real time.

Time reporting for the entire company

Flex HRM is a modern, effective and flexible tool for time reporting. Choose the way in which your employees should report their time: with exact times, number of hours only or discrepancy reporting. If you wish the system to handle overtime, inconvenient working hours and standby, you should use exact times. If exact timed are not that important, you can choose to let these personnel categories report their hours only. Project reporting may be used regardless of the registration type practiced. Invoice details may be created on the basis of registered time to be exported to your economy system. Off course, you can combine these registration types in case different personnel categories have different needs.
Flex HRM is just as flexible as it sounds!

Project reporting

Flex HRM Time is an extensive and elaborate time system for reporting and follow-ups of time per project. Choose your own desired project structure. You can specify budgeted times and amounts; if needed including checks that should be performed when a certain time has elapsed. As an employee, of course, you will only see the projects of which you are one of the members. Of course, you will find informative and comprehensible tools for following up your statistics.

Keep track of the time with time clocks

Being able to keep track of the actual working time is something that both employees and managers value. You can register your time in different ways, with or without badges, on time clocks or on simple touch screens. You can also simply use your smartphone or tablet. The system can be configured to restrict the geographical locations available for registration. Location services on the mobile device identifies whether the employee is at a permitted location. Flex HRM is just as flexible as we promise.

Discrepancy reporting

Discrepancy reporting is a simplified way of reporting. It means that the staff members only report their absence and other discrepancies. In this way, you will not have to open the time report every day to report your time. Flex HRM Time offers every opportunity to report your time in a way that suits you and your company.


Times reported on e.g. customers or projects can be released to invoicing. Make any adjustments needed, and the invoice base is sent with pre-calculated amounts to your economy system.


Flex HRM has a flexible management of balances. Decide for yourselves which balances you wish to use, e.g. flex time, inconvenient working hours, overtime, additional hours, annual leave, sick days, etc. You can define upper and lower limits and what should happen if they are exceeded.

Absence applications

Flex HRM Time has an efficient and easy absence management. The employee applies for absence via time clock, computer, cell phone or tablet. The authorizing manager receives a message via SMS, email or push note in the app that there is an absence application to authorize. If the absence is approved, it will automatically be generated in the time report.
We wish to simplify your working day by providing flexible access to the system. It can hardly get any better than this!

Clear day view

The day view gives you access to all the information you may need. You can see the schedule, registered times and details needed for follow ups, e.g. concerning customer assignments, sales, etc.
In the day view you can also see the balances you have chosen to use in your time report; balances for that specific day as well as balances for the entire period.

Period overview

There are weekly and monthly overviews, in HRM Time as well as in the app HRM Mobile. You can quickly see presence time, absence and the period balances and the way in which they have changed in the course of the current month/week.

Overtime monitoring

Flex HRM provides an easy-to-use tool for managers for keeping track of the employees’ overtime. You can see the overtime hours worked per employee, to avoid ordering too much overtime. You can choose how the graph should be presented as well as the selections you wish to use.


A clear and comprehensible authorizing view, in which managers easily can see any discrepancies, and status of all time reports for which they are authorized. Of course, you can perform the authorizing in the app if you prefer using your phone or tablet. Company groups can complete their solution with the concern module for convenient authorizing and overview of the entire company group.

Attendance schedule

Flex HRM Time comes with an attendance schedule. It provides a quick and clear image of who have checked in, are on break or absent. You can make selections in order to see e.g. employees at a certain department. A good idea is to put up a screen with the attendance schedule to make sure that employees who don’t have access to the program can see wo have checked in. The attendance schedule is available in HRM Time, Mobile and Timeclock.


Flex HRM Time comes with a calendar that gives you a god overview of your employees. You can make selections by department, employee, region, etc. to take out the persons you wish to see. Colour codes provide a comprehensible overview, indicating if your employees have applied for absence and if it is approved or rejected. If you have missed managing an absence application, you can do this directly in the calendar. The calendar also has feature for keeping track of the employees’ birthdays.

Report generator – tailored reports in a few clicks

Do you and your colleagues want to build your own reports according to your company’s needs? Discover the report generator in Flex HRM! Take advantage of our seamless overall solution and create customized reports with exactly the information you want from the system. Then share them with your colleagues so that the right person can access the right information.


With the Statistics feature in Flex HRM you have the perfect tool for taking out statistics for your company.

You can follow up the sick leave of the company and see the amount of overtime worked at different departments per month. Map changes in the occupancy rate over the year. Keep track of hours spent on different projects. See statistics for travel costs and subsistence allowances. The possible applications are countless.
With comprehensible bar charts, line graphs and pie charts, the company’s figures are visualized. Furthermore, the statistics are easy to access thanks to the option of publishing it on the start page, where managers and other users easily can access them, just by clicking a button.

Of course, access rights can be limited to make sure that different members of the organization can access exactly the information they need. Our intelligent dynamic selections make it possible for all employees to make comparisons of e.g. their own worked hours with those of the department or the company.


Flex HRM also facilitates the communication within the company. Messages for reminders are sent out to ensure that authorizing and submitting are carried out in time. You can get them in any way you like, that is, as push notes in the cell phone, SMS, messages on the start page, etc. If you wish to send personal and targeted information to your employees, you can use the quick message feature on the start page.

Do you need to integrate your system with ours?

Flex HRM can be connected to a number of pre-systems and post-systems, e.g. systems for payroll, accounting and invoicing. In addition to our tailored solutions, we have an open API which makes is it easy to integrate Flex HRM with practically any other system.

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