Flex Applications is founded

Flex is founded under the name Miranda Software AB by Miran Dennerqvist at a serviced office in Kumla. The focus is on payroll systems and report generator software.

  • 1992

    The first travel expense system version

    The dose based travel expense claim system Flex Reseräkning is born. Some of the first customers were Emhart Teknik, Carl Zeiss and Bausch & Lomb.

  • 1996

    New name and transition to Windows

    The first Windows based version of Flex Reseräkning is released. The company changes its name to Flex Datasystem. The office moves to Örebro and consists of three employees.


Flex enters the web

The concept is extended. The Flex solution is extended with a web-based travel expense claim system, the foundation of what later became Flex Portal.

Miran Dennerqvist:

– A potential customer called me some time in the year of 1997 and wondered if Flex could be run on the Internet. At that time, we were still using Windows, and we were just about to finish our first client-server system in the Windows environment. I believed that the whole thing was a misunderstanding from the customer’s side. But that wasn’t the case and I understood that this was the future, says Miran. Already the year after he and his co-workers had developed one of the first web portals within the branch.

  • 2001

    Flex Tidredovisning is born

    The development of the time system Flex Tidredovisning starts. We are now seven employees, among them five developers , one person working with user support and one administrator.

  • 2004

    The payroll system completes the solution

    To get a complete solution we need to complete our solution with a payroll system. We start the development of Flex Lön, a move that turns out to be very successful much-awaited by our customers.

  • 2005

    14 employees

    We are now 14 employees at the company and the development of Flex Bemanning, a module for scheduling staff is initiated.


Significant growth

We open our office in Stockholm, where we start by hiring two skilled members of our sales department . Some of our customers are General Electric, Löfbergs Lila, Samhall and Skistar.

Miran Dennerqvist:

– The growth really spurted at this time, something that was awarded with the Gazelle company by the magazine Dagens Industri three years in a row, from 2007 to 2009. An increasing number of large customers started using Flex productsr.

  • 2009

    Soon in the cloud

    The development of a personnel system as a complete cloud service starts.

  • 2011

    The Gothenburg office opens

    We open our Gothenburg office. We are now 48 employees, distributed into the cities Örebro, Stockholm and Gothenburg.


Flex HRM is launched

In Oslo, the first office outside Sweden’s border. After five years’ development, the completely web-based system Flex HRM is launched, containing the sub-systems Time, Travel and Plan.

  • 2015

    25th anniversary!

    Flex celebrates 25 years! The company changes its name to Flex Applications and we make a renewal, including new company colours and a new logo. We start the development of our solution for smaller companies – Flex SBE – Small Business Edition.

  • 2016

    Flex + Bofab

    Acquiring Bofab Timeservices Flex strengthens its position as one of the market leaders within the field of personnel systems.

  • 2017

    Flex HRM Payroll

    We launch the completely web-based payroll system Flex HRM Payroll. We are now 80 employees, distributed into five offices in Sweden and one in Norway.


The payroll center Flex Services sees the light of day

For a long time, we have seen how the demand for services has increased; outsourcing the payroll administration is in line with the current development. Of course, we want to offer our customers the best service possible and meet their needs. Now when we have a complete web-based personnel system we feel that he time is right to offer our customers the service of managing their payroll and personnel administration as well.

  • 2019

    Seven offices

    We now have offices in Örebro, Stockholm, Gothenburg, Södertälje, Motala, Karlstad and Oslo. We are approaching 100 employees.