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Reboarding – our best tips!

22 September, 2021

Reboarding - nu är återgång till kontoren efter pandemin aktuell. Människor som sitter i en gemensamhetsyta på ett kontor med mycket gröna växter och stora fönster.

Back at the office yet? Here in Sweden, most restrictions will be removed and the society will basically return to what it was before the pandemic. But how does the comeback to the common office space work in practice?

Reboarding s a concept that has become relevant now that employees are welcomed back to their workplaces around the countr. But what will managers have to consider? We have put together some useful tips on what to keep in mind as our offices are repopulated.

  1. Realize that things will not be the same as before. These one and a half years have obviously affected us in a whole lot of ways. Hybrid forms of work will become more common and whether you are conservative or progressive when it comes to employee location, all business leaders need to think through and establish a policy for how the company relates to these matters.
  2. Be clear with your reboarding guidelines. Be prepared for your employees to have different opinions about the pandemic – everything from how it is managed at government level, to how to behave as an individual. Some have been personally affected, others not. Clarity regardinf the workplace´s guidelines as well as expectations as to how employees are supposed to behave at work is therefore crucial. Also make sure that everyone knows where to turn with questions on the subject.
  3. Are adaptations of the physical work environment needed? We have become accustomed to “corona distances” and also in the future it may be useful to ensure that our common areas are not overcrowded. Maybe the number of seats in the conference room needs to be reduced? The lunch room refurnished to allow for distance?
  4. Build cohesion and culture. Take an active part in your reboarding and make sure there is a pleasant and inspiring atmosphere when people start meeting physically again. Maybe the company would feel good about a little extra activities and fun when everyone is in place and you can meet again in larger groups.
  5. Be responsive. This is a great opportunity to enlist the help of your most valuable resource – your employees. Send out a questionnaire asking about their thoughts on what they need to make the return to the office as good as possible. Offer employee interviews where questions, concerns and views on reboarding can be aired.

In the HR support available in Flex HRM , you can create and assign activities to be performed in connection with reboarding, just as you do for the onboarding. The system also has an excellent tool for employee interviews where both the employee and the manager can fill in comments directly in the easy-to-use interface.