Flex HRM – your personnel system in the cloud

Flex HRM is one of few personnel systems on the market that covers the entire workflow. From registration of time reports and travel expense claims to complete payslip. 

We offer support for staffing, time reporting, project reporting, travel expense claims, invoicing, HR administration and payroll. Flex HRM consists of several modules, which, of course, may be used separately and be completed as the company grows.

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Why choose Flex HRM?

Cloud service

You have constant access to the system, via computer, tablet or smartphone. All you need is an internet connection.

Full control

Customized views and reports help you gain full control and overview of the company. By having all information concerning the personnel administration gathered in one place, it is quick and easy to get the data you need.

Easy to use

With an easy-to-use and attractive interface, you can manage everything from time reporting and travel expense claims to approving, authorizing and wage payment.

Reports and statistics

A wide selection of reports are available, and we are constantly adding more opportunities for monitoring and evaluating statistics concerning your staff.


The system may be used by small companies as well las large company groups. Being such powerful and flexible, the system can grow with the company as the demands are increasing and the needs are changing.

We handle your technical issues

Don’t worry about updates, technical requirements and backups. Do what you do best, let us do the rest.

Do you need to integrate your system with ours?

Flex HRM can be connected to a number of pre-systems and post-systems, e.g. systems for payroll, accounting and invoicing. In addition to our tailored solutions, we have an open API which makes is it easy to integrate Flex HRM with practically any other system.

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