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Flex HRM Payroll has everything your company needs for an effective payroll administration. With a user-friendly and workable interface always accessible on the web, our payroll system Flex HRM Payroll automatizes a great deal of the payroll administration, so that you can rest assure that your employees are paid correctly. Flex HRM Payroll is a part of Flex HRM – our complete solution for personnel administration. You can choose one part or several parts!
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A secure, smooth and flexible payroll system

HRM Payroll is intuitive and user-friendly, providing a neat overview of your payroll process. This is the system for everyone with high demands in terms of adaptation and flexibility. For instance, you can easily reverse and complete a payroll run, if needed.

Save time

Enter all recurring data directly in the system! The system lets you tailor your payroll processes, gathers everything in one place and saves time.


Sick days, parental leave, care of sick child, compensatory leave and annual leave. The built-in calendar in the payroll system keeps track of all types of absence – so that you don´t have to do it.

Keep informed!

All information concerning the employees, employment details, wage payments, holiday balances and much more can be accessed whenever you need it.

Payslip directly in your cellphone

Payslips are accessible directly on the start page in HRM or in your cell phone, which saves time, paper and the environment. In addition, you have all historic payslips gathered at one place. Secure and GDPR compatible!

Flexible selections

When taking out your payslips and other reports, several selection options may be used. You can also use your own terminology in your payroll system and create groups for e.g. job categories or cities.

Statistics and reports

When the wages are completed, the monthly reports can be taken out. You can also take out reports concerning historical data. Of course, HRM Payroll also provides elaborate support for the reporting of PAYE tax returns per employee to the Swedish Tax Agency, wage statistics for the reporting to Statistics Sweden and the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise as well as pension reporting to Fora and Collectum. Reports with wage details are sent directly to Collectum and Fora via file.

Employer's certificate

Flex HRM Payroll also has a simple and time-saving management of employer´s certificates, where all payroll and employment details are sent directly from the system to the e-service arbetsgivarintyg.nu. The entire procedure is carried out just by clicking a button!

Support in the wage revision

You can create pay pots, plan and distribute new wages, audit and approve, and finally implement the new wages. The system handles parallel processes, which means that several managers may work simultaneuosly with the wage revision. Moreover, the view is flexible and may easily be adapted to your needs. When the new wage is in place you can easily calculate the retroactive wage. HRM Employee supports you throughout the wage revision process!

Accessible history

Previous payslips may be printed out with the details applicable for that period. This also applies for all reports in the system. You can keep track of the history directly in the payroll process.

Flexible annual leave agreements

In Flex HRM Payroll you can easily manage different agreements in the annual leave calculation and set up your own calculation formulas for the annual leave agreements. You can also set up personal discrepancies for e.g. additional annual leave days.

Vacation debt calculation

The system provides you with a clear overview of the company’s vacation debt, that is, the debt to the employees concerning annual leave days that they are entitled to but have not yet taken out. You can also account for the calculated vacation debt to facilitate the reservation of associated costs in the economy system.

FOS requests and year shift without hassle

New tax tables are imported and new values retrieved automatically. Flex HRM Payroll handles FOS requests (former CSR requests), sick leave statistics, reporting to Fora, etc.

Easy-to-use support for ATK and ATF

Support for working time account (ATK) and working time reduction (ATF) management that simplifies the annual routines and gives you and your employees a full overview of current agreements, periods and balances. Get rid of paper forms and let the employees specify their choice for how earned money/earned hours should be handled directly in the system.

Easy export for accounting

Create and verify your accounting details directly in HRM Payroll prior to exporting it to the economy system. We have support for the default format SIE-4, which is the most common format on the market.

Smooth import of wage bases

Just click a button, and transactions and schedules from HRM Time and HRM Travel will be imported to HRM Payroll for wage payment, without file management. This eliminates the need of manual reporting and allows more time to be spent on check-ups and analyses. Do you have Excel lists with lunch coupons or fringe benefit values? They can easily be imported for all employees at the same time.

Absence management

The system automatically keeps track of absence periods, such as qualifying day of sickness, day 2-15, day 15- of illness with management of relapse , etc. parental leave more or less than 5 days.

Flexible accumulators

You can choose for yourself the period for which an accumulator should sum values, which facilitates the management of a number of different tasks and provides maximum flexibility.

Manage employees who change employment form

The system offers a good support for managing employees who, for instance, change from an employment by the hour to a regular employment with monthly pay. During the transition, the wage calculation for the different employment forms is handled without hassle.

Allocate wage costs according to the period's worked time

If you have employees working on several different cost centres or projects, you can easily choose to allocate the monthly pay according to the worked hours of the month per account code.


Flex HRM Payroll is everything your company needs in terms of payroll administration. Sector or agreement has no importance. The perfect solution for anyone who manages different types of wages and wishes to facilitate the payroll management. Of course, Flex HRM Payroll keeps track of current rules and laws and makes sure they are updated when needed.

Do you need to integrate your system with ours?

Flex HRM can be connected to a number of pre-systems and post-systems, e.g. systems for payroll, accounting and invoicing. In addition to our tailored solutions, we have an open API which makes is it easy to integrate Flex HRM with practically any other system.

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