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Whenever and wherever! With Flex HRM Mobile you and your co-workers have full control of your schedules, time reports, travel expense claims and colleagues, directly in your smartphones.


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The company in your pocket!

Are you on the move a lot at work? With Flex HRM Mobile you can do your job wherever you are. You and your co-workers get an easier workday with full control of their working time and can report time and register travel expense claim regardless of your geographical location. As a manager you can easily authorize time reports, absence applications and travel expense claims and assign staff to requested work shifts, directly from your cell phone.

Payslips on your cell phone

Viewing your payslip directly on the starting page in HRM or on your cell phone saves time, paper, and the environment. Additionally, you have all your old payslips located in one place. Safe and in compliance with GDPR requirements!

Report time in your cell phone

Flex HRM Mobile gives you constant access to your time report. Just like you and your co-workers can report your time in HRM Time, the entire time report can be managed in in the mobile app. The hours worked can also be distributed on projects, customers, or similar. Of course, you can also mark your costs for invoicing. Consultants, craftspeople and other employees that are often on the move can now register their hours continuously in the mobile app as soon as they are finished, a smart way to make their work day more efficient.

Full overview of your schedule

You have constant access to a detailed work schedule and full insight into the time registered – per day as well as for the entire period. This ensures that you and your co-workers have control of the time report and a good overview of for instance vacation, sick leave, overtime, flex time balance and days off.

Exact times with the time terminal

Register your time via your smartphone or tablet and get a quicker and more exact time reporting. You decide which employees should be able to register their time and which geographical locations should be available when doing so. You can also determine how early or late it should be possible to register without discrepancies generated in the time report.

Apply for absence in your cell phone

Apply for vacation or other absence directly from HRM Mobile. If you get sick and can’t come to work, you can easily register your sick leave directly in the mobile app. Flex HRM Mobile also provides a perfect overview of previously approved and applied absence. Of course, you as a manager can also manage absence applications and approve or reject them.

Request available shifts

Flex HRM Mobile provides an overview of available work shifts, and your employees can make requests for working specific shifts. They can also mark the work shifts they don’t wish to have assigned to them. Increased influence over one’s own working schedule is beneficial for the entire organization!

Complete travel expense claim

Register your entire travel expense claim in Flex HRM Mobile. Just like in Flex HRM Travel you can make a complete travel expense claim in your smartphone or tablet. The trip log has a smart function that helps you retrieving the current location by means of location services when registering the city. Of course, you can also register expenses and entertainment, audit and submit travel expense claims and reconcile credit card transactions.

Record your trip

You can record your trip and see on a map where you have been and which stops were made on the way. When you have reached your destination and stopped your recording, the details can be corrected if needed. With this function you can avoid the hassle of keeping track of the distance driven, the program makes this calculation for you!

Scan and attach receipts

In Flex HRM Mobile you can also manage electronic attachments, e.g. receipts from restaurant visits, and parking and transport tickets. Scan the receipt by means of the photo function directly in the app, and the receipt will automatically be attached to your travel expense claim. It can hardly get any easier than this!

Perfect for the manager

In Flex HRM Mobile managers can easily submit time reports, absence applications and travel expense claims, whenever and wherever they like. Days/travel expense claims that have already been approved are locked for editing. As a manager you can also get an overview of employees who wish to work available shifts and see the staffing needs for each shift. This makes it easy to identify which employees are available and to make sure that the shifts are assigned quickly.

Availability and communication

In Flex HRM Mobile you can see which of your colleagues are at work, off sick, on vacation or absent due to other reasons. You also get a complete contact list, and you can easily communicate with the employees by clicking on one of the contact symbols.

Dashboard for HR key figures

A compilation of important key figures presented in an comprehensible and visual way. With bar charts, graphs, pie charts, and meters with green/yellow/red light, the dashboard gives HR managers and company management an instant snapshot of the business – directly in their cellphones. Examples of data that can be extracted are number of employees, staff turnover, forms of employment, sick leave and reasons for termination. All this information is automatically and seamlessly retrieved from various places in Flex HRM.

Do you need to integrate your system with ours?

Flex HRM can be connected to a number of pre-systems and post-systems, e.g. systems for payroll, accounting and invoicing. In addition to our tailored solutions, we have an open API which makes is it easy to integrate Flex HRM with practically any other system.

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