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Flex passes the 100 limit!

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Flex Applications proudly presnts a three digit number of employees. This April we passed the threshold of 100 employees in the entire company group. New employees include everything from system developers, payroll specialists, HR consultants, support staff and project managers to sales manager and CIO. So, who is the person who has the honour of presenting himself as the hundredth employee? A quick look in Flex HRM tells me that it was Hugo Sagström, who was employed as one of our system developers in April 2020. [caption id="attachment_35523" align="alignright" width="400"] Hugo Sagström, system developer, was number 100 at Flex Applications.[/caption] Did you know that you were number 100 at Flex, Hugo? – No, actually I didn't. That was fun to hear! Hugo came to Flex through a system development project at Örebro University and has been with us since the end of January. Following the project, which marks the end of the program, he – just like his associate Andreas – was employed at the company. What is your impression so far? – My impression of Flex is that it’s a stable and secure work place with nice colleagues where one puts great effort in caring for each other. Apart from that, it has also become clear to me that we deliver great products to our customers. From an employee whos is new at work to one of the most well-experienced. Nina Fransson, you have been with the company almost since the start. What kind of place was it that you started working at in 1995? – At that time, the company was named Miranda Software and we sat together with a diverse collection of companies at a hotel in Örebro. It was Miran, me and another system developer. I was somewhat of an all-rounder and took care of administration, accounting and writing manuals for our travel and expense system Flex Reseräkning. For a long time you were the face of the travel and expense system, being the only one handling the customer support in that field. Today you have completely other tasks? – That’s right. Today I don’t handle support issues at all, and sometimes I miss that. Especially if I come across some “old familiar name”, people that I were in touch with 10 -15 years ago. That makes me a bit nostalgic. On the other hand, I have great colleagues instead. Today I take care of economic tasks, such as order processing, invoicing and all kinds of administration. What is the best thing about Flex in your opinion? – It’s a stable, secure and good company that is leading within its field. Plus, we have a great spirit and have fun together. It’s a great group of people, quite simply!

Future next

From the company management´s side one is optimistic. Björn Jareblad, CEO thinks that the future for Flex looks bright. – Despite the current situation of the world economy, we anticipate that we will cope well also in the future, and even increase our turnover this year too. Regardless of the state of the market, companies have to pay their salaries each month; in that sense we are somewhat protected against difficulties. We are lucky to be in a sector that isn’t that affected and it feels good to have that security. At the moment, with all new decisions from the Swedish government and authorities as well as short-time working/layoffs, we are rather experiencing an increasing demand for our products and services. Basically, our systems and services are needed, not the least in situations where companies have to streamline their processes. The aim of the company is to continue focusing on the HR platform Flex HRM and to build attractive services around it.

Basically, our systems and services are needed, not the least in situations where companies have to streamline their processes. What about the staff situation, what does the future hold for Flex in that respect? – We are seeing an enormous demand for the services provided by our payroll center; therefore we will recruit more payroll specialists. Apart from that, Furthermore, IT security and product development continue to be areas where will have to recruit more staff, Björn Jareblad says. [caption id="attachment_35526" align="alignnone" width="497"] Our new dashboard in Flex HRM provides you with a clear overview of different key figures for the company. For instance, you can see the progression of the number of employees. The perfect toll for quickly updating on the status, as of today and historically.[/caption]

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